Lord of the Rings Online Rune Keeper Guide

The traditional wizard may not be available to Lord of the Rings online players, but there is a class that fulfills the same role without stepping on the toes of Gandalf.  Rune-keepers have mastered the dwarven and elven runes.

Rune-keepers do not use standard weapons.   They live by the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword.  Technically, rune keepers do not use a pen, but instead inscribe their runes on the rune tablet which serves as their primary weapon.  It may not be the most flashy weapon available in the game, but it is by far the most versatile.

Rune-keeper characters in Lord of the Rings Online can use the power of runes to bring about powerful effects that strike their opponents down, aid their allies, or allow for the healing of other members of their fellowship.   Although these characters start with a limited number of runes that can be inscribed on their stones, the number of inscriptions allowed on the rune stone increases as the character gains in level.

Using the Runes in Lord of the Rings Online

Any fan of the 80s G.I. Joe’s series remember the famous line, “Knowing is half the battle.”  There are two key elements to any class in this mmorpg.  Unlike most other classes in Lord of the Rings Online, the rune keeper does not start out with any traits.  Hobbits are the only race that may not take up the profession or rune keeper.

Here is a brief list of rune keeper spells, taken from IGN Vault’s Lord of the Rings Online site.

Scribe’s Spark – +4 battle damage per attunement
Fiery Ridicule – A damage over time spell
Prelude to Hope – increases healing spells of the rune keeper’s fellowship
Essence of the Storm – give a +3% critical strike increase
Chilling Rhetoric – slows the movements and attack speed of opponents
Rune of Restoration – a rune placed on the ground that aids healing abilities
Shocking Words – stuns the foes of the Rune keeper

These basic abilities of the Lord of the Rings Online rune keeper get upgraded as he levels up.  He can buy traits to boost his abilities as he goes up in level, to compensate for the lack of class traits (or the author is using inaccurate information.)

Playing a Rune Keeper in Lord of the Rings Online

The rune keeper in group play or when soloing should use his slows and dots to keep the mobs as far away from him as possible.  While adventuring as part of the fellowship, he should choose his runes to boost the abilities of the group as far as possible and increase healing.  Dots and slows are always helpful, but he can use the dots once his primary job is done.