Lose Weight Fast: The Truth About Liposuction

Some cosmetic providers will tell you that the quickest way to lose weight fast is to suck out the fat. Providing instant gratification and removing years of ugly fat in minutes, it sounds ideal. However, the truth about liposuction is that it hurts, for a long time. I had it done as a part of a medically necessary procedure. If I had known the truth, I would refuse the surgery.

The area where the plastic surgeon performed the liposuction was bruised for almost a month. Ugly black and blue bruises appeared within 24 hours, as if I had been beaten up. They were very tender to the touch for weeks. The area was lumpy and deformed. It took almost four months for that to go away. Some report it took up to a year before the bumpiness went away. It felt as if someone had inserted tiny, hard and wet cotton balls under my skin.

Sucking out the fat leaves a hollow space the body will immediately want to refill. It disturbs the muscles and ligaments. It can be six weeks before you begin to see what your new size really is. In addition, the itching and the tingling numbness as if that part was asleep made it difficult to sleep on that area. I’d wake up in pain and scratch which caused more pain.

I used painkiller creams but it did little to relieve the sensation. I never realized numbness could be painful as a result of nerve ending disruption. Six months later, I still had occasional residual pains. This is often a common complaint. The numb feeling can last up to a year while your nerve endings try and heal from the abuse. Liposuction is more commonly done, but the dangers are still real. Infections can easily set in. You must be monitored closely, especially the first month to six weeks. The body will send fluid to the area, similar to a swelling which forms when you burn yourself. It is the body’s natural way of dealing with the injury, although the swelling is only temporary.

The majority of patients are right back where they started a year later. The body wants to refill the holes, so it does with new fat deposits. If you do not exercise and change your eating habits, you will have paid for all the pain and discomfort for no reason at all. Your plastic surgeon won’t tell you that. He or she would prefer to see you again next year, and the year after that. It is expensive, and the least effective way to lose weight fast and keep it off.