Losing Weight at the Grocery Store

Losing weight starts with your trip to the grocery store. No, I am not saying that you should turn your trip to the grocery store into a workout, although running or walking to the grocery store instead of driving a mile in each direction isn’t that bad of an idea. However, that does not involve the actual shopping that you will do, so we’ll file that in the “maybe” category. If you want to lose weight, then follow these steps to cut off the serpent of weight-gain’s head before it can enter your house.

1. Never shop when you are hungry. When someone is hungry, he or she is always inclined to buy more food, and not just more food, but tastier, not necessarily healthier, food, such as cupcakes and donuts. If eating is the number one thing on your mind when you take a trip to the store, you will buy too much of too poor-quality food just to satisfy a craving, and you will definitely regret this choice later. Plus, you want to be well-fed before your outing anyway, just so you feel better when you are driving and walking around.

2. Write a concrete shopping list. If you write out a list of what you need beforehand, then you will know what you need to get without stopping to ogle those tasty, fatty treats because you aren’t sure if you want them or not; you only want what you need when it comes to grocery shopping! Scenario: let’s say you’re walking through Aisle Four and see a box of Tastycakes. You think to yourself, “I like Tastycakes!” but you then remember that you are trying to lose weight. You take a look at your shopping list, and see that Tastycakes aren’t on it, so you move on and pretend you never saw those tasty treats.

3. With the above information already being presented, I urge you to stay away from sections of the grocery store that are known to sell unhealthy foods. Don’t simply wander around: make a plan for yourself, escape route included, so that you will not be tempted to buy something that will help turn you into a blimp. Just locate what you need, don’t look at any other isles, don’t look at anyone handing out free samples, don’t look at anyone else, grab what you need, and get out. The grocery store can be a deathtrap if you let it guide you.

4. Try to find the most healthy foods right from the start. Stock up on vegetables, fish, meats, and milk first, and if that’s all you can carry, then it looks like your shopping trip is over. As long as you have what you need, it is only beneficial that you can’t carry anymore; the extra capacity might make you tempted yet again to grab those Tastycakes. If buying junk food isn’t feasible, then you’ll be good to go. If your shopping list doesn’t call for too much, then don’t grab a shopping cart. Just get a basket you can carry on your arm instead.

5. There’s nothing wrong with searching for foods that are advertised as helping you lose weight, such as Slimfast; however, you should go for more quality food, and eat less of it in each sitting. I don’t recommend any weight loss pills, though, because they can be dangerous to your body. You don’t want to end up as a skeleton, after all, so just be smart about it. Also, buy celery. Celery contains less calories than you burn eating it, so if celery is a major part of your diet, raw science proves that you will lose weight.

6. Don’t deny yourself an occasional treat, but don’t make every trip to the grocery store into a sweet-fest. Maybe you can get a bit of junk food, such as potato chips or cookies, once every two weeks or so. Don’t let yourself stock up on such foods. You want to run out of these and not have them sitting in your pantry, waiting to be eaten. Then again, you don’t want to throw out any food, so buy such items sparingly. That being said, only stock up on healthy foods if you want to make your trips to the grocery store less frequent. Of course, you could also just buy only what you need for each week or two, and then replenish your stock when you absolutely have to.

7. As a final rule, try shopping with someone else. That way, you can have someone else, such as a good friend, family member, or shopping mentor, to tell you what you don’t have to buy once you pass it. It would really help if you got a pro wrestler to shop with you who threatened to strangle you whenever you were about to make a wrong shopping choice…but as far as I know, they don’t offer those types of services, so make the most with what you have. Additionally, shopping with children can be a mistake. Little children like sweets, and can be very cute, meaning that they will manipulate you into buying sweets for “them,” and you will end up eating some once they are in your house.

Remember, there are other advantages to watching what you buy at the grocery store. For example, if you buy only the healthy food that you need, then you won’t waste money on junk food. When you think of being a smart grocery shopper, you should also think of yourself as being a smart shopper in general, and smart shoppers save money by getting only what they need. With that in mind, you have an extra impetus to buy less unhealthy food: not only are you protecting your waistline, but you have your wallet covered too!