Losing Your Speech

I was always a talkative girl, I swear I could talk a drunk sailor under the table and keep going. I was a fast talker too, even stuttered a bit when agitated or when my tongue started rolling insanely, I loved that part because I got it from my dad. My voice was not the best out there but I’d sit in the veranda and sing my heart out, oblivious to the frowns I got.

Then my illness stole my speech, It used to come and go but since January I haven’t said one little word, my life changed.

The thing about losing your speech so late in life is you keep trying to speak daily, but though you move the lips right words don’t come out. You have them in your head, you used to speak those words, hell you sang them, they are at the tip of your tongue but they refuse to come out, so the frustration begins, frustration with a potential of leading to depression, severe depression.

What can you do when faced with this? My advise is seek medical help, if that fails like it has with me grieve your loss, whether temporary or permanent. After the grieving, yes the grieving is essential because it keeps us from bottling up all the hurt and blowing up one day. After grieving try to find alternative ways to communicate, personally I use text because I’m also paralyzed on my left side and sign language seems to need both hands. If you have your hands try to learn sign language as well, get the necessary computer software that can speak out what you write and perfect your new communicating skills.

Always try to look on the bright side, see the bigger picture, don’t wallow in your loss but instead try to surround yourself with positive people, things and thoughts…. ALL THE BEST!!!