Love in Hard Times

Love in Hard times is a simple Poem dedicated to all Couples, Partneres and Families striving to make a living and maintaining an optimistic attitude during the neurotic phase of the Great Depression or in other words, Recession.

Love in Hard Times

Recession hit us hard,

You lost your job and so did I,

You settled into a small time post with modest earnings,

While I, I just wailed, moaned and cried.

What I did not expect was the kind heartedness and love,

That you showed me after a tiresome day at work,

The  “I’m listening” attitude although I complained,

The praise on my home cooked meals and burnt out woks.

My ruthless ignorance,

At your very best of efforts to cheer me up,

My lack of endurance,

When you discussed your genuine concerns. 

But your Valentine Rose meant a hundred things more,

The Teddy Bear you gifted tendered a heart that was sore,

The Valentine Kisses you planted on my forehead,

Reminded me that all waves finally do come ashore.

I love you, my love, needless to say,

You remain my concern now and everyday,

Those were your words resonating in my ears,

 Let me to appreciate these phrases forever  Oh Lord, I pray!