Love is Pricelss

It’s good for the soul. To speak to your higher power, whom I call God in heaven.  And even better to have a person whom you can trust, to confide in. Times are tough and we all have something to complain about. It’s hard times and we all have SOMETHING bringing us to our knees. Shouldn’t we complain? Love is priceless in an drizzeling economy we can drizzel right on out with it. But Love and only Love can bring a smile to a broken heart, a twinkel to a tearful eye, and warmth to a cold shoulder. Love is priceless.

Valentines is coming up and maybe you have no sweetheart to share this lovers holiday with. Don’t get down, find someone who will celebrate it  with a twist. Call a small get together, bring goodies and games and food and an open heart and share with eachother , well, eachother! We all, in our poverty have much to give. In fact sometimes it’s in our poverty that we find the real treasure. If we are stripped of all personal belongings we still have one thing, ourselves.Love is priceless you find it within.

We were not meant to go at everything alone. Yes we need our time with our higher power to generate a line of communication. But we were made to have relationships, we are suppose to lean on eachother and share in eachothers burdans and have thanksgiving. Yes Thanksgiving should be practiced all year round not just on the day dedicated to it by tradition. When we have thanksgiving we are able to be thankful for all that we have and when we are thankful, we appreciate and therefore not take for granted and we can be more content with where we are.

I am learning this everday! To be here in these times is no accident people. These times will either drive you over the edge or bring you together. And I would rather go for the latter. The simplicity of breaking bread, holding someones hand, giving a meaningful hug, being completly present and looking someone in the eyes when they confess their troubles. Being present. Love is priceless. In these times it is the most powerful of all energies and we all have it in us to give. Even when we feel empty. deep within us we are filled with an abundance of hidden treasure. LOVE!!!!

1 Corinthians 13:13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.