Luke Bryan Puts It All On The Line To Save 18 Years Old Dog In Need Of A Home

Luke Bryan is a popular country singer and what makes him special is the fact that he uses his fortune in order to help animals. After losing a niece, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline built a farm together in her memory and they pay respects to her memory by saving animals that no one else wants. With that said, today we are going to show you a heartwarming story about how Luke Bryan saved an 18 years dog that didn’t have a place to call home.

20. Good Guy

As we said in the beginning, Luke Bryan is a great singer who makes a living singing country songs. Beneath the fame and the fortune, Luke Bryan is just a regular good guy who wants to make a change in the world and this why people love him.

19. Sad Songs

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One of the things that Luke Bryan excels at the most is singing sad songs. The reason why he is so good at this is because he can tap into the emotional pain that he suffered when he lost his young niece, the one who he built a farm for.

18. Brett’s Barn

Luke Bryan’s niece always wanted a white pony and she loved animals. Unfortunately, she passed away at a young age and Luke never got the chance to give her the pony that she always wanted. This is why Luke and his wife built a special farm called Brett’s Barn.

17. White Pony

Even though Luke Bryan never got the chance to give his niece the pony that she always wanted, he made sure to buy one in her memory. The pony is running free around the farm and seeing this brings peace to the singer.

16. Saving Animals

Luke Bryan is keeping his niece’s memory alive by saving animals in need. The farm is filled with all kinds of animals starting with dogs, cats and ending with llamas!

15. Farm Animals

Our story starts when Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline read a story on social media about an 18 years old dog who has been abandoned. The dog was causing allergies around the house and his owners didn’t want him anymore.

14. Old Dog

Caroline knew that adopting an old dog is tough, but she went and talked to Luke Bryan about it anyways. Luckily, the country singer was moved by the story of the old dog and he decided to meet him.

13. Meet Poochie

This adorable dog is named Poochie and he is 18 years old. In dog years he is a grandpa and he needs all the help that he can get. After seeing him, Luke Bryan and his wife decided to bring the dog to the farm.

12. Signing The Papers

Luke Bryan didn’t waste any time and he signed the adoption papers as fast as he could. The dog was going to have an awesome time living on the farm and meeting all the other animals who lived there.

11. Good Life

The country singer knows that Poochie doesn’t have that long to live and he wants to make sure that Poochie gets to relax and live a comfortable life for as long as he can.  The only thing that Luke Bryan cares about is for the dog to be happy.

10. Having Fun

Despite his old age, Poochie is running all around the farm. He loves open spaces and every day is a joy to him. Isn’t Luke Bryan amazing for adopting this old feller?

9. Valuable Lessons

Luke Bryan says that he hopes his sons see how important it is to save animals and that they will follow in his footsteps and do the same when they grow up. The man is setting a great example to his kids and there is no doubt about that.

8. Harry and Lloyd

These two are Harry and Lloyd. They also live on the farm and they included Poochie in their friend group. The old dog is going to have a blast living out his days at Brett’s Barn.

7. Big Heart

If there is something that we can take from this, then it has to be the fact that Luke Bryan has a big heart. The country singer is doing his part in making the world a better place by adopting old animals.

6. Lifesavers

Considering that Poochie is 18 years old, we think it’s safe to say that Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are life savers. The old dog wouldn’t have such a great time in the animal shelter as he is having at the farm.

5. New Home

No one at the animal shelter would have guessed that an 18 years old dog can find an adoptive family so fast. Poochie has a new place to call home and this is all that matters after all.

4. Adopting Animals

As we previously noted, older animals have a difficult time finding new homes. This is why adopting a pet instead of buying them from the shop is always a better idea.

3. Staying Humble

Another thing that we want to mention is that Luke Bryan has stayed humble all throughout this. The country singer never “bragged” about saving Poochie which shows us that his good deed is genuine.

2. Keep Up The Good Work

Let’s hope that Luke Bryan continues to have a successful career so that he can keep up the good work and save other animals who might be in need of a home.

1. Heartwarming Story

We told you right from the start that this is going to be a heartwarming story and we kept our word. Nonetheless, did this story make you like Luke Bryan more?