Macdowell Golf Award, a Proof of Success

Defiantly his spectacular performances are breath taking is praise worth. According to golf news, his daring performance in the year 2010 proved to be the biggest success of his professional career.
At Pebble Beach, McDowell took an outstanding win the final stage in Ryder Cup, which was outstanding. Moreover, the struggling Tiger Woods also face the tough competition by McDowell two weeks ago.
Really, series of win made this 31-year-old the first Irish golfer to take the award, which has been bestowed by the Golf Association. Such success stories in this field of sport are quite catchy when it’s about golf betting.
His glorious triumph at the US Open Golf Championship proved to be the first by any European contestant since Tony Jacklin’s win 40 years before. Similarly, G-Mac furthermore won the Wales Open and the Andalucia Masters this year.
Contrary to this positions are further divided as Euro Ryder Cup’s New Euro Number one, Kaymer was on the third rank. On the other hand Westwood who lately gained the same title was in the fourth rank.
If compared to McDowell, Kaymer also won his outstanding foremost this year, which is a big success as well. Defiantly winning at the Professional Golf Association and facing the deadliest moves of Westwood was not an easy task.
In his recent statement, McDowell commented that he is hugely respected to win such a prestigious accolade and particularly in a year when European golf as an entire has accomplished such astonishing things.
Decisively, it has been a once in a live experience that the last couple of months McDowell seem unbelievably lucky. More or less he can’t get his head round it for certain now, but it seems very fortunate for him that he had such an outstanding opportunity.
The Irish hero, the one and only MacDowell really deserves this prestigious golf award. It’s proven that McDowell has patiently held his mind under immense pressure during the game. Contrary to this he led his team over the finish line as well.
Golf news is of the notion that it’s proven that McDowell has played a main role in making it possible for Europe to reclaim the famous Ryder Cup from US. Believe it or not it was a quite tough competition so far. Similarly, his unique pairing with other follow players was quite interesting. Moreover, for sports wagers, they haven’t seen such a huge chance of golf betting in their lives.

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