Mafia Wars Bangkok

Mafia Wars Bangkok is the expansion to the popular game Mafia Wars on Facebook and Myspace. This will be the third expansion that has been released for Mafia Wars after Cuba and Moscow. Most players still have not completed all of the jobs in the last 2 expansions that have been released for Mafia Wars but players are ready to see some new action in this game. Mafia Wars: Bangkok will allow players to choose between the Yakuza and the Triads. Being able to choose between 2 different factions will give players more of the RPG feel. Choosing different factions should allow players to give their Mafia Wars character a unique feel because they will be able to choose different jobs, different items and much more. Zynga has been working very hard to release these new expansions so that players will have new and exciting gameplay.

There has not been to much information about the new expansion Mafia Wars: Bangkok but we do know that it’s release will please many Mafia Wars players. The Mafia Wars: Bangkok expansion is set to release sometime this holiday season (2009). Hopefully Zynga has taken a look at the job tier rewards from the previous expansions and planned to release good job tier rewards for Mafia Wars: Bangkok. The job tier rewards in New York were great, they gave amazing stat bonuses for your character but the ones in Cuba and Moscow were only weapons and vehicles. Hopefully Zynga will come out with better job tier mastery rewards for Bangkok so that players feel like they have actually accomplished something when completing them. Be looking out for Mafia Wars: Bangkok this holiday season.

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