Make Good Money by Selling Video Games

In order to make money by selling video games you should have a passion for gaming.  You will need to visit multiple video game stores and shop around online to find the best prices both to buy and to sell.  Having a passion for gaming will allow you to enjoy this work.  This is work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it.

Video games are collector’s items.  Sometimes they are only produced in select quantities in order to drive the demand up and thus the popularity of the game.  Smaller production studios will tend to do this.  Also games that satisfy a niche, rather than the general public, won’t be produced in mass quantities.  When the demand is greater than the supply, the price goes up.  Sometimes it goes way up.  This is what we will focus on exploiting.

First you will need to set yourself up with an Ebay account if you don’t already have one.  This will allow you to sell your games.  You don’t want to buy games on Ebay because that is where the high demand is.  You will want to find a venue where the demand is relatively low, but we will get to that later.  After you have your Ebay account, it is time to start taking notes.  You will need to compile a list of all the video games that are selling for a decent price on Ebay.  You should take into account the percentage that Ebay takes out of your sale. 

Now that you have a list of video games in your pocket, head out to your nearest video game stores.  You may be wondering how you will be able to find video games for cheap at a video game store.  Video game stores cater to the masses.  They don’t focus on the niches that you are going to be targeting.  They also buy used video games.  You will be looking to repurchase the used video games.  Since the demand for niche video games is incredibly low at a local level, video game stores won’t be asking for much money for them.  They are hoping that an impulse buyer will pick them up for the cheap price.  This is why you can make close to double the purchase price.

After you have picked up the video games, all you have left to do is list them on Ebay and wait for a buyer.  The way that you list your games is integral in how much you can get for a game.  You want to give as many details and pictures as possible when listing the game.  Remember, you don’t have to explain the plot of the game.  Most people who want an old, or niche, video game already know the plot.   They are looking for the quality of the disc, the packaging, and if all of the components are included. 

Video games, like stocks and bonds, will fluctuate in price.  You may not get as much for a game that you once did, and you may get more for others.  The key is to be patient and continue to do your research. And have fun!