Make Halloween Less Stressful For Little Kids.

 It should be a fun holiday and these tips will make Halloween less stressful for little kids.

First. Costumes.

Let the child be what they want if you can and make sure it is an outfit made for walking, running, and possibly colder or even wet weather. Do not let them pick accessories that require carrying. Pin it on or leave it at home or you will be the pack mule before the night is over. 

Second. Talk.

Explain to your child that the ‘monsters’ they will see are not real. Have this conversation before you go out, preferably weeks before with small mentions between. Demonstrating with a mask is also recommended. It will prepare them a little bit. When they see a scary costume while Trick or Treating, gently remind them it is just a person in a costume, just like them and then walk on. (It is perfectly acceptable to tell the ‘monster’ that your child does not like to be scared. If they persist, leave.)

Third. Comfort. These tips help not only make Halloween easier on small kids but also on their parents.

Feed, water, and relieve your child just before going out or you will end up begging some nice old woman to use her restroom or spend the whole time hearing how hungry or thirsty they are.

Make sure the candy bag has a handle and always take an extra bag with you. When theirs becomes too heavy for them to easily carry, dump it in to the one you are carrying and send them to the next house. This will make Halloween easier on small kids, especially those who tire quickly.

Fourth. Scares. This is hardest part. How to make Halloween less stressful for younger children is a skill every parent needs to know.

This world is full of scary things but you can make Halloween less stressful for little kids. Halloween can be a learning tool. How a Parent or another kid reacts is how your child will think they are supposed to react also. If you get angry or act terrified, so will they. On the other hand, if you laugh and move on, they will understand it is all in fun and there’s nothing to be scared if. It upsets young kids to think their parents are afraid of things. Being calm helps to make Halloween easier on small kids.

Fifth. Make Halloween less stressful for little kids. Walking vs being carried.

What to do. It’s only been 45 minutes and your child refuses to walk any further and yet insists on staying out. They are moving slower and slower, becoming whiny and you are no longer having fun either. Do you go home or carry your child to each door? I believe this depends on age. If under 5, carrying for a few houses to give small legs a break is fine. For older kids, tell them if they want more candy, they have to get it themselves and that if they continue to complain, then it will be time to go home. And stick to that. How much candy does one child need, anyway?