Make Money With A Niche Site

Picking a Niche Site

You will find all over the internet a lot of discussion on building niche websites and making money from them. Does this work and really can you earn money from a niche website?

Well the answer is yes you can but there are steps you need to take and have a sound strategic plan in place.

First is to find your keyword that you wish to target. Then set up a blog named that keyword and finally promote your site. This is the method I use and I have had sound success using the method I am about to describe.

Picking a Keyword

Sitting alone you might go through in your mind several keywords that you think might do well as a website. These keywords may come up in topics discussed with your friends or something you have seen on a talk show.

Once you have your keywords then a simple search at Wordtracker,a free online service, will return all the variations of the keyword as well as the number of searches per day.

The method I use, is to locate the long tail keywords, that is, three or four keyword phrases that people are searching for and must have over 200 searches performed a day.

Once I have found that keyword phrase, I then check to see how much this will likely pay and I do this using another free service named SpyFu. This will return a daily visitor rate and possible cost per click.

Now with the keyword phrase I place this on a search engine in quotes – “long tail keyword” to see what competition is already there. If the competition is under 800,000 (the least the better) then I have found my niche website.

Starting the Blog

When I have decided on my long tail keyword I will then go to GoDaddy and register the domain name as my exact long tail keyword, not using any stop words such as “the” or “and”.

I will also pay for the hosting account to start my new domain name on. I will only sign for four maybe six months of hosting. I do this so I can evaluate the worth of the site, such as the income it is generating as well as what traffic the site is receiving.

The total cost for this is under $30.00 so the site does not have to make much for me to have a return in income for expenditure.

If it does not work, well I can either sell the site on E-bay or just let it drop away. Hopefully and by using the right keyword research in the first place that this will not happen.

The biggest mistake is to target a keyword that is well searched for such as insurance or finance. The better keyword for this might be refinancing a used car loan etc.

Now I have my hosting account and domain name I request Godaddy to install a WordPress blog for me and this will become my site. A possible income generator and possibly a saleable item.

Adding Content

Now I have my site together I need to learn about the keyword. I go to Ezine articles and after searching for similiar articles I then read and learn the subject.

Once I am confident I will then write my own unique articles on the keyword phrase and post it to my site. I do this ten times, thats right, ten posts all on that very same keyword using unique content for each post. This content will not be identical but offer different information from each post to keep the visitor interested.

So for example, if my keyword phrase is “Wholemeal Dog Biscuits” then each post will be “Making | Wholemeal Dog Biscuits” – “Nutritional | Wholemeal Dog Biscuits” etc.

So what I now have is ten pages of targeted keyword phrase titled posts and same keyword phrase url.

I put the pages up over a five day period as this allows me to research my articles and to read and learn about blogging techniques.

Why ten pages? Well because you will find that on Page 1 of a search engine that Number 1 position will be there just with the one page. We will have ten pages all working for us, so technically our ten pages could hold positions one to ten.

With all our articles and mini sites set up as well as ten internally linked posts, you will find on Page 1 many references to your site. Thats the aim here, directing visitors to your new site.

Getting Traffic to the Blog

For each post I will write two articles so now I have twenty articles. Once every two days I will submit one of each article to EzineArticles dot com and wait for it to be approved.

The second article on the second day I will submit it to as many article directories I can find that is appropriate for the niche.

I also go to my Blogger account and post the same article on a blogger blog using the same keyword phrase title. Next a squidoo lens following the same principal as well as a Google page, Yahoo 360 and free wordpress blog.

Each of those two articles will be pointing a anchor text link to the one page of my site as well as the index page of my site. On the other accounts I open I will have a referral link pointing one two three, that is, blogger links to squidoo lens, squidoo lens links to Google homepage that then links to Yahoo 360.

I build a mini net all pointing at the one page of my site and do this for each page.

It might sound like a bit of work but done one or every second day you will soon have this all in place.

Now the secret here is not for you to social bookmark your site but to social bookmark your articles and mini network. This will get traffic to those articles and the following traffic from there to your site will be targeted traffic.

Putting It All Together

Choose your keyword phrase, buy a domain name in that phrase, setup a wordpress blog on your domain and then promote.

In time the articles you submit will gain page rank as well as your mini sites giving extra power to your one way inbound links to your site.

Build links all the time by submitting your site to directories, comment on other blogs, in forums and link exchange with your friends. Social bookmark everything but your site and hope visitors or friends will social bookmark your internal site posts for you.

Evaluate your traffic and the money the site generates to see if your efforts are working and if the money earned has the potential to make the site profitable.

I usually see a profit after about three to four weeks for my keyword phrase, so my advice is to give your site the full four months or six months to check and evaluate.

Next is rinse and repeat by writing and submitting your articles every few weeks and build more mini network sites.

Blogger blog will allow twenty blogs per email address so use them up. They all provide good links where you can add rss feeds from your site and other squidoo lens Google Homepage etc for that extra boost.

When you find your making some money, save it for your next site and do the same thing with another keyword.

Profit is what you make after paying for one years hosting and domain renewal. After this your profitable website will continue to earn you money and you never know, you just might strike that one site that makes all the difference.

Some Proof It Works

One quick email brings about this response and I am quite happy to share. The screenshot is of the niche site I launched at the end of May 2008.

Notice the gradual increase in income and the constant visitor traffic. To me if I made fifty cents a day it still is over one fifty dollars per year and thats a profit.

Does a niche website pay? Yes it does, and I am still searching for that one big one just like everyone else.


Resource Box

  • Keyword Research Tool
    Wordtracker keyword research tool free to use returns daily searches and long tail keyword phrases.
  • Spyfu
    Place your keyword into the search box and it will return cost of clicks and other information relevant to the keyword.