Make Our Children Love to Save


Likes to get children to save can be done from now. Later, the child can live a life saver as well.
Here are tips that parents can do to teach children life-saving.

Give an example
Give examples of your actions consistently in day-to-day value of money and not wasteful. Children more easily absorb the lessons through example rather than advice.

Teach made a priority
Children need to be taught how to spend pocket money according to priorities. What is the priority in the use of pocket money? Obviously, to pay for transportation and meals while in school. Books (excluding school books) and toys can be followed.

Tell the children the difference between “needs” and “wants”
Try also teach the child so that he could tell which goods really she needs to be purchased in advance and where such goods are actually only wanted to be postponed if it is not too important.

Allowance does not always have to be spent
Tell the children that the name does not always have pocket money was spent. There was a time allowance should be saved. First of all, you can teach the child to wear a piggy bank. After a number of rather a lot, the money could be transferred to savings in the bank.
Teach children to set usage allowance

once the appropriate age, began to give kids an allowance for a certain period and teach him to manage himself. Tell the child, should he manage that money properly because if wasteful, it will not get extra pocket money. That way, children can gradually adjust their spending.

Take a decision

Familiarize children to take decisions on financial matters as early as possible. Pocket money you give, is expected to teach children to manage money well. The amount of pocket money depends on many things, such as age of the child.

Open a bank account
Give children the motivation to save money. Opened a savings account and give some money to “capital” is beginning. Discuss with them to set a specific goal they are going to meet the savings that result from nominal value large enough.

Encourage the children to creative and efficient

Children can also be encouraged to creatively get their money or save money by, for example, make your own toys, get wages by washing the car, or renting out his collection to his friends.