Make Your Marketing Campaign Work For You


A well thought out marketing campaign is the difference between a rapidly growing, well to do establishment and one that is stalled seeing no growth, both being created at the same time. According to dictionary definitions, a marketing campaign is the series of activities used to promote a new or changed product.

Business growth means that the business owner has to be an effective promoter, marketer, or advertiser for his or her brand. If you are really good, the business will have high growth. That is how the marketing campaign works. Of course, the product has to measure up to comparable quality standards of the competitors, but unless your product or service is completely unique, effective marketing is what will decide whose business stands out and grows.

Doing research and careful planning is the first step in getting your marketing campaign right. Without research, without facts – all the calculations will be skewed. Which is why marketing campaigns are not thought out in the shower.

Once the research is complete and you have got all the necessary facts in order – it is time to make the start. A great way to begin is to talk to your customers. What aspect of your service or product do they like the most? What can you do better? Ask the questions, write them down, and then ask your customers for referrals. Nothing gets more business than word-of-mouth. All the advertising and all the public relations cannot match the power of a good referral.

When it comes to advertising, think logo design, graphic design, and copy. Getting your message across is important. Doing it effectively across multiple channels involves presenting a cohesive message – one that is simple and attracts attention of the buyers. Web design is a great platform to get your message across online. In fact, one of the key aspects of any marketing campaign is the use of the web, search engine marketing, and local business marketing platforms like the Chamber of Commerce.

Restaurant owners use these platforms effectively with specialised restaurant web design designed to tempt people into trying out new culinary delights or highlighting their ambience.

Hotel owners use internet effectively by keeping the hotel web design simple and effective. The idea being that a customer who makes reservations online finds it easy and rewarding to do so repeatedly.

Sending direct mails is another approach for business to business marketing. It works wonderfully for those whose services revolve around communications and media. An email list is a similar tool that works online.

Wherever you write about your products or services, always focus on the benefits. Most businesses will talk about the latest technological features – better, newer, more colourful. What most customers would like to hear are the benefits — fresher, healthier, makes a room look bright.