Making Money on Bukisa: The Plan


Easy money through social marketing! Make money online! Live the rich and famous lifestyle! How do you really do it? Creating social connections. Making sure that your readers don’t forget about you. Exploring new social networks. That sounds well and good, but the money doesn’t merely flow into your account. You need a plan.

How do you make money on Bukisa?

There are two ways to make money on Bukisa. You can bring in new people (referrals) to Bukisa and hope that they write to their heart’s content. You can also depend on page views for your articles. The numbers for both of these are enhanced by using social marketing as a tool.

Over time, referrals will bring in the most money. There is a three tiered earning system in which you are making 25% on your direct referrals, 6% for their referrals, and 1% for THEIR referrals. This is the most robust system of referrals for article marketers today. You need to cultivate your social network.

With page views, you (currently) earn $3.22 per thousand page views. To earn $100 a day, you need to have at least 30K page views per day. This is possible, but again, you need to cultivate your social network and increase the number of articles that you are sharing with the world. These numbers are not achieved through single-shot articles.

This article will focus on how to make money interally through existing Bukisa members. You are not trying to get them to sign up under your name or referral code. You merely want these individuals to read your articles and comment on them. Most of the qualified page views that you receive will be from Bukisa members, though other avenues will develop as you go on.

How do you cultivate your social network? Treat it like a business.

Page views are the currency of Bukisa. You want people to look at your articles every single day. You want them to comment on your articles. You want them to enjoy your articles and come back for more on the next day. In order to get these elusive page views, you need to get attention, and for that you need a plan.

There should be three parts to your Bukisa day: Writing, Commenting,and Cultivating.

Writing Articles

This part takes the longest, because your articles must be at least 250 words. Write about subjects which interest you, using headlines that you are sure will attract attention. Use some of the SEO tips so you can eventually generate the ‘other avenues’ which were spoken of earlier.

Publish one or more articles per day.

This gives other Bukisa users something to read. If they like your style, then they will want to read more. If they don’t, they will be less prone to read more of them. This is one reason why you should avoid sales articles and writing badly.

Commenting on Articles

After a few days of following this plan, you will find that you have many friends. The first part of your commenting spree should be spent on those who are already within your network. The easiest way to find out if someone has written something is to check your dashboard. It will give you a listing of everything that your friends have done, and you can pick and choose from the articles that they have written.

If you have hundreds of friends, choose twenty of them to leave relevant comments with. It is unrealistic to assume that you will be able to comment on ALL of the friends within your network EVERY day if you have a hundred friends. For those who want to see equality, work your way down the list of Bukisa friends and stop when you’re done for the day. The next day, pick up where you left off.

Leave at least 20 comments a day with friends

A note about commenting The comments that you make on articles should be relevant to the article itself. Many people choose to use something generic like ‘great article’ or ‘good tips,’ but to set yourself apart from the others, say something interesting or intriguing about the article. In other words, actually read the article upon which you’re commenting.

Cultivating your network

Cultivating your network comes in two phases: Commenting and Adding.

Commenting is the same as the previous part. Instead of choosing people within your friends network, choose people who are NOT within your friends network. Read any of the articles you desire and follow your whim. Click on ‘related articles’ or ‘you might like’ and find new people with whom you wish to become friends. Follow the great headlines, and enjoy your learning.

While you are reading the ‘new person’s’ article, look up to the resource box to see whether they are a friend. If they aren’t your friend, click on ‘add as friend.’ This will tell the person that you enjoy their work and that you’d love to add them as a friend.

Add at least 10 non friends, comment on their articles

One of the best things that you have at your disposal for your personal marketing purposes is the dashboard. The dashboard gives you a list of all of the things that your friends have published, all of the friends which they’ve made, and all of the articles which they’ve commented on. If you’re at a loss for what you want to do during a day, the dashboard can provide great assistance.

To summarize:

1+ articles written

20+ friends commented

10+ non-friends commented + friended

Making money on Bukisa takes time and effort, but it can definitely be done. Don’t be discouraged and quit at the beginning, because the money only really comes with the combination of persistence and desire. Good luck!

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