Making Money With WordPress

Years ago when attending a business seminar I heard a speaker refer to the cookie cutter philosophy. The main idea is to find something that works and then continue to repeat the process to make money. If you are good at selling lemonade and can run a successful stand on one corner, you can easily multiply your opportunity for profits by having a lemonade stand on ten corners. Regardless of how many stands you are operating, you will always have several key ingredients that you use each and every time.

WordPress is your key ingredient! Regardless of how you decide to approach your site, once you become familiar with WordPress, I guarantee you will go back to its open source technology again and again.

But how can you make money with your WordPress website?

First, you need to consider the type of site you are creating. Will you be servicing a niche market, or is your focus more flexible?  Several advantages to having a niche site include gaining a specific marketing base and potential advertisers, as well as specific keyword searches based on your niche. If you have a more global idea (say t-shirts), then it may be hard to target a specific group, but you would have more potential for visitors.

Content is the next big question. How are you building your site? Do you plan to post blogs to keep the site fresh? This is a great strategy with WordPress because with the appropriate plugins each post comes with a ping to crawlers and you have the potential of being higher in the search engine strings on sites like Google, or Yahoo. But writing blogs or updating content can become time consuming and monotonous after awhile.

Building a site with static pages is a great alternative. For content, you can consider purchasing PLR and changing it up just a little bit for each site you create.  Remember, there is no rule stating you cannot have five lemonade stands selling the same product, same with your website.

But how can you make money on your sites once you develop them?

Pay Per Click Opportunities – One strategy is to use Internet advertising opportunities. The most popular or recognized is probably Google Adsense. These ads are placed, with your Adsense code attached in the background, on your site and each time someone clicks on the ad you’re paid a certain amount.

The problem with Google Adsense is that it can take a long time to build up enough clicks to gain enough income to receive a payment. Google requires $100 in revenues before they disburse payment to you. To gain more clicks website owners create several opportunities on each page for their readers to click on. While this creates more opportunity, it also reduces the chance of anyone clicking on an advertisement because they are inundated with the ads. You’ll need to find a happy medium if you choose this option and test your results frequently.

Some better strategies are to join an affiliate marketing program, have product sales, or have paid advertising.