Man Waits Almost 50 Years to Open Christmas Gift from His First Girlfriend


Being heartbroken is an awful feeling, especially when you’re a teenager and you’ve just been dumped by your first serious girlfriend. This Canadian man knows what it feels to have your heart broken. About 47 years ago, right before Christmas, he met his girlfriend who gave him a parting gift. Upset and angry, the 17-year old boy went home and promised he will never tear open that present.

And he kept his promise, until last Christmas when he finally looked at the old gift and was stunned to see what was inside. Here’s the entire story…

20. One Christmas Day

When 17-year-old Adrian Pearce went to meet his girlfriend Vicki before Christmas, he received a gift wrapped in a dark paper and heartbreaking news. The girl he loved broke up with him right then. It happened back in 1970.

19. Upset and Angry

Pearce said that he took the present home: “I had a long walk home and I was all upset and angry, and all the things you feel when somebody breaks up with you.” With all those feelings, he tossed the gift under his Christmas tree. The next morning, he took a decision…

18. Never Opening It Again

The second day, everyone opened their presents. The only one left was the one from Vicki, and when his parents asked him to open it, he declared he will never open it. Until last Christmas, he kept his promise. But then, things took a different turn!

17. A Different Life

Time passed and Adrian never got back together with Vicky. The two married different people and have their families. Adrian never forgot his Christmas present, looking at him from time to time until it became a Christmas tradition…

16. Placing The Gift Under the Tree

Every Christmas, Pearce would place the gift from Vicky under the Christmas tree, where his kids and wife pleaded to open it year after year:

“After my family opened their gifts at Christmas, there was still one Christmas gift left and it’s the gift this girl Vicki had given me.”

15. Not Opening It!

Each year, Pearce said he would never open the present. Adrian’s wife decide one year that her husband’s habit was unusual and told him to end it – either open it, or hide it.

Last year he changed his mind and now everyone is losing it!

14. It’s a Habit

In an interview with CBC News, Pearce explained that he kept the gift for a while thinking that they’d get back together and open it together. But after 47 years, he said that it became a habit and he looked at it and had a “pleasure of not opening it.”

13. The Mystery

Pearce thought that it was intriguing to let the present wrapped. But then, he posted his story on Facebook, which immediately became viral, with many people wondering about the present and having too many questions. So Pearce began writing a book about ‘The 47 Year Old Present.’

You won’t believe what happens next!

12. An Old Phone Number

Talking to his wife about his gift, the two decided to get in touch with Vicki. Pearce found her old number, which was not available anymore. Finally, he tracked her down through his old high school friends.

Her reaction was priceless! And that’s not all – the three agreed to open the gift in front of a crowd!

11. He Was Nervous

After contacting Vicky, Pearce and his wife Janet met her and agreed to reveal the gift for a good cause. They announced an event in which they presented their book and all the money raised would go to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton.

10. Unwrapping the Mysterious Gift

Vicky tore apart the wrapping gift and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the gift she has forgotten all about. Everyone was waiting to see what was inside, but Vicky said that it was too cruel to show it to her ex-boyfriend…

9.What Was It?

“Oh no!” Allen exclaimed as she saw the gift and said: “I can’t give that to him!” After so many years, she has forgotten what she bought him that day, 47 years ago. Was it a photo, a chocolate?

Pearce looks at it and says these funny words.

8. It’s a Book!

Taking a better look at the small item, Pearce couldn’t believe what he was reading. It was a small book that had a curious title, considering it was the day he was dumped. Check out the title and his reaction in the next photos!

7. The Irony!

“The irony is extreme,” cried Vicki. It was a small book containing sayings about love. The title read: Love Is: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling.” After 47 years, he even learned why Vicky broke up with him, and we’re in tears…

6. Looking for a Gift

In an interview, Vicki explained why she left Pearce. It was right on that day when she was looking for a gift for him when she met a boy who kissed her. She said that “it wouldn’t have been so bad, but I kissed him back.”

5. The Best Decision

Vicki knew that Pearce would feel betrayed if he found out, so she knew that it was over: “It was a very innocent relationship. We were in high school. I didn’t know he felt as intensely as he did.” She had no idea that he would hold onto the present either!

4. Best Friends

“It just shows ignorant a 15-year-old can be,” added Vicki about her feelings back then.

However, now Vicki, Adrian and Janet are friends and they have collaborated the past year, writing the book about their thoughts on the 47-year-old present they didn’t get to unwrap before writing about it!

3. A Surprised Ex-Girlfriend

Vicki was surprised to hear about her boyfriend from teenage years, and was shocked to hear that he could resists all these years without opening that book. She thought he was holding a grudge, but he explained that he got over it long time ago.

2. Love Is…

Adrian added that they have now “become friends so the fact that it’s says ‘Love Is’ is actually rather appropriate now.” Their story is truly one of a kind!

1. The Book

Adrian, Janet, and Vicki have each written chapters in their book, talking about their memories – the time when he got the gift, the years he kept looking at it and his wife’s impression and kids wondering about what could be inside. Finally, the mystery was solved!