Manny Pacquiao Quotes And Lines

“Common Quotes and line of Manny Pacquiao before and after the fight”

“You know”

“Last fight there were a lot of distractions in my mind, … (Now) there are no distractions. I’m just worried about my opponent. I’m very focused on my training right now.”

  Interview of Manny Pacquaio after the fight with Margarito

Manny Pacquaio: i mean you know he is very tough and strong and i never expected that i one.

Reporter: you never expected him to be strong as he was?

It look this though on the middle of the fight, you were putting your back on the ropes and letting him work you over a little bit. why was your back on the ropes?

Manny Pacquaio: will im trying to psycho him. i hit in the body and in the face with uppercat im so lucky tonight”

reporter: can you tell us what happen then when you look at the referree in the eleventh round.

Manny Pacquaio: yeah i feel bad to my opponents about his eyes and his bloody face.

Reporter: and in the twelve round it looks to us like maybe you were backing off a little bit maybe not to hurt him, did you carry him carry him on the twelve round?

Manny Pacquaio: on the twelve round im not looking for a knock out i just want to finish the round.

Reporter: Many thanks again. what are your plans are you going to continue to fight?

Manny Pacquaio: Yes im still strong and i will continue to fight i wanna thank God for giving me strength tonight

Pacquaio Glove of what

ohh yeah exactly that gloves have uhh,,in clitoris ( lito reyes) is ahh you know… i like those gloves is my gloves so..he.. she ahh si iyio oishi ah on glub ah… winning so

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