Many Couples Want A Wedding Reception At Massachusetts

Known for it, the romantic charm of New England has drawn a lot of couples to the place. This region is known for a wide away of romance-filled bed and breakfast places that are good for eating out and entertainment. Have you ever attended one Massachusetts wedding reception? Well if you have, you know what I am talking about and understand the appeal of this area towards the couples.

I have once took part of  Massachusetts wedding reception together with my husband a long time ago, even before we got engaged. We were invited to an event at a restaurant called Venus de Milo. From first glance, I was quite taken aback as to why these wedding invitations had a sort of Grecian air about it. Also, as i recall, Venus de Milo has been associated with the art of the Greeks. For me, at first, the theme was romantic without question but was not really a perfect fit for Massachusetts wedding reception.

Certainly, my spouse and I jumped at the change to have our very own romantic get away, especially at a very lovely place in New England. I could not wait, and I was super excited the entire time. With my husnad at the wheel, the whole drive up to Massachusetts wedding reception, my mind kept imagining in my head how this Greece theme would work out. These thoughts occupied my head for some time.

Finally, we reached New England and settled into our lovely bed and breakfast. Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. My husband & I had a quick apertif and then off we went to Massachusetts wedding reception, definitely I was so excited to see the gowns, decorations and banquet hall.

The restaurant was called Venus de Milo and it was truly an amazing locale. It was so elegant, with its classic air and Greek elements among modern amenities and crystal chandelier. Many people may find that this atmosphere is a bit too much, but for me it was impressive nevertheless.

Massachusetts wedding reception was for around 300  people and the staff was so accommodating in a way that was effortless. The servers were unobtrusive and the meal courses seem to appear before our very eyes while the dishes that we emptied were carried off right away. The restaurant staff was very gracious and very efficient.

Venus de Milo had a very massive banquet room and I even wondered how the bride managed to approach all of us guests during Massachusetts wedding reception. But she did, with so much ease that was impressive. Perhaps because the banquet room had enough room to allow her and a prominent gown to gracefully move up and about.

Some elements at the banquet hall retained the romance that we love about New England while at the same time keepting touch with the Greek theme. Now, whenever I look back at Massachusetts wedding reception, restaurant  Venus de Milo immediately comes to my mind.

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