Marijuana…What people should know

Marijuana is a plant also known as cannabis and a variety of other names

People are taught to believe it is a dangerous drug that can lead to cancer and cause loss of brain cells (stupidity) among its users: Marijuana does cause loss of brain cells but it is not dangerous. The brain cells lost are minimal and only it leads to short term memory loss during the time of use (when you’re high).

When marijuana is smoked it is extremely therapeutic for its users not to mention a call for socializing. Basically it gives people a reason to come together and and release their problems if the day in a more healthy way than sitting alone crying, cutting, drinking (liver damage), and doing other things such as those.

Marijuana is seen as a medicine for a number of reasons, its THC reacts with the brain causing it to be an antidepressant, nausea reliever, chronic pain reliever, and also a medicine that can reduce the symptoms of OCD, ADD, ADHD, and other disorders similar to those (when not counter acted with prescribed drugs given also to help those disorders)

Cannabis is quite different from and similar to prescribed medicines because yes it can become a slight mental dependant but its users will not suffer from a physical addiction and later go through withdraw. Antidepressants, such as Zoloft, have many side effects that marijuana does not for example: suicide and depression (wow, those are great side effects to have when you’re sad). Cannabis causes people to become hungry and sleepy (I rather have that than want to kill myself)

More people than you think are using this plant. Many do lie because it has gained a bad reputation for being slashed with the DARE program at schools and other organizations against the usage of drugs and alcohol. Also, another factor for the cause of underground smokers would be the fact that it is unjustly illegal and people would rather not be put in jail for such a silly offence.

Pot is wrongly associated with Alcohol. Yes many people do get into car accidents while high, but most of those people are also under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is the main factor of those accidents, not marijuana. Also, one must consider that people are stupid, and they are just as stupid sober as they are high and 6 times out of 10 you will find that the jerk behind the wheel would have ran the stop sign anyway. In fact, though I do not recommend driving under the influence, marijuana can actually cause people to become safer drivers, maintaining the speed limit and being cautious for others, because of the slight paranoia that can set in while induced. So please don’t blame the plant blame the people that are dumb before they put the joint to their mouths