Mark Coleman’s Surprising UFC 109 Entrance Song

Mark Coleman is one of the oldest fighters in the UFC at age 45, and he just so happened to fight an even older fighter at UFC 109 in Las Vegas.

Coleman took on 46-year-old Randy Couture in a bout that may have determined the next title shot for the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

Unforunately for Coleman, he was unable to get the win as Couture choked him out in round two.

Coleman set the mood for the fight prior to the Couture fight in a unique way how over as he came out to a song that’s popular with many fans who are much younger than he is.

Mark Coleman’s Entrance Song at UFC 109 in Las Vegas

At UFC 109: Relentless, Mark Coleman used the entrance song “Drop the World” by Lil’ Wayne featuring Eminem.

The song was a little surprising to some who don’t know Coleman that well considering it is from two modern, popular artists and his opponent Randy Couture walked into an old-school Ted Nugent song.

But the song signified Coleman’s all-business approach to the fight with Couture.

Coleman might only have one or two more fights in him but his entrance song choice is something that the hardcore and casual MMA fans alike will keep an eye on for next time.

Coleman gave a good performance against Shogun Rua a while back but Couture made him look pretty bad at UFC 109.

Coleman also got into a verbal exchange with Tito Ortiz after the fight. Ortiz was cageside and yelled something at Coleman that led to the exchange.