Marketing And Globalization

This article will tell you about the changes globalization has brought in the life of everyone.As we all know globalization has changed the view of the world and it is still changing the view.People all over the world are hungry of globalization as it provides employment opprtunities for them and make them more aware about environment.It also encourages the relation of different counteries and hence making them good this will reduce the chances of world war.Every body wants globalization as if one country lacks any resource,then that country can buy that resiurce from another country just because of globalization.ig globalization will not be there, then there will be a long time famine that might cause severe deaths to the people living in that particular area.So it is the roots of a country that it might exist.Without its existence there would be no living creatures as they would lack in particular resources that might effect there living.Globalization helps in many ways.It provide employment opportunities so that people with no job can work in this stream and can get food through manual labour.This create a situation in which a worker is happy with his or her job .

I might say that the situation after globalization is under control.everybody is busy in his or her own work and people are developing a master slave mentality.The globalization has totally changed the view of the world.It is the best source of income and enjoyment for the poor people who are not studied and are only capable of manual labour.It only has affected those people.But we cannot completely say that it has changed the view of the world as rich are getting richer and poor people are getting more poorer due to inflation.Inflation also play a major role in implementing Globalization through the approach of rich people.Rich people make benefits from theiir approaches and poor people have no approach so they are like dumb fellows.So at last we can say that globalization has changed the world and everybody in the world is more associated with the increase in the globalization.It is very much necessary that every must implement globalization and must change the view of the world through it.It is very much necessary for our lives.