Mass Effect 2: The New Addiction


It’s 2183. While exterminating the remnants of the sentient Geth machines, Commander Shepard and the Normandy are attacked by a mysterious assailant, forcing the entire crew to abandon the now-damaged ship escape pods. They now face a new enemy, one that is abducting mass colonies of humans. Shepard has no choice but to team up with a ruthless corporation known as the Cerberus in order to terminate mankind’s biggest threat ever known. But first, Shepard must put together an elite group and command a highly advanced spacecraft in preparation for this suicide mission.


“Mass Effect 2” effectively lures you in its unbelievable motion capturing, insane levels of detail, and jaw-dropping imagery that will hold your interest right from the prologue mission of the game. The character expressions in this game are simply amazing, in fact, there is an impressive amount of fluidity and naturalness about the game’s movements and overall animation; this is all thanks to the game’s developer, Bioware, which has yet again proved itself to be the king of animations.

The game contains extreme cinematic flare which is backed up by some fine voice acting by Jennifer Hale, Martin Sheen, and Carrie-Ann Moss to name a few. Playing this game is almost better than watching an actual movie. From the planets to the objects to the characters, every single visual is breathtakingly gorgeous and refreshing. This game is so beautiful that you won’t know what to do with it and even if you did, you wouldn’t know where to start. On the technical side, “Mass Effect 2” contains minor frame-rate blips in a few scenes or what have you during the beginning; other than that, the game is a pretty smooth run. Read more…