Massage for Headache Relief

Headaches and migraines are common symptoms of stress. Follow these simple shiatsu steps to sweep away the tension, relieve pain and clear the head. The sequence is quick and easy to administer; it can be used anywhere and friends will be grateful for the relief of their pain. You can perform some of the steps on yourself, though the healing touch of another’s hands is more effective.

1. Establish communication with your partner by placing both hands loosely on either side of the neck. Gently massage the shoulders; this helps to relax the breathing and creates a feeling of well-being.

2. Right: Tilt the head to the side and support with the palm of the hand so that the neck muscles can relax. Place the forearm across the shoulder and apply gentle downward pressure; hold for 5-10 seconds and then repeat with the other side. This movement is particularly good for opening the meridians running along the shoulders and neck.

3. Supporting the head with the left hand, work with thumb and forefinger applying gentle pressure from the base of the neck to the nape. Hold at the nape of the neck for five seconds and then release the built-up tension.

4. Tilt the head back slightly, supporting it on your chest. Place your thumbs on the temples with the fingers loosely resting on either side of the face. Gently rotate the thumbs in small forward movements.

5. Find the pressure points just above the inner corner of each eye. Apply gentle pressure with the middle fingers to help disperse the pain. Hold the pressure points for five seconds.

6. Position your thumbs on either side of the head just above the hairline – approximately two inches apart – with palms pressed flat along the sides of the face. Press the thumbs evenly back along the top of the head. This is a sensitive but invigorating movement to end the treatment.

A shiatsu treatment is usually very effective for relieving stress and headaches but if your headache persists, consult a doctor. Avoid the treatment during pregnancy.

Learning How to Relax

Relax is very beneficial in our everyday life. Most people confuse relaxation with meditation. While both have things that are common, relaxation is completely different from meditation. Relaxation can help us improve our body health, both physically and mentally and it combats stress. In order to properly relax you have to lie down with your shoulders relax and even on the floor. Your arms should be straightened out and elbows next to the waist and your palms turned upwards. Relax your head and close your eyes. Then start by breathing in slowly and allow your body to focus on what you are doing, then breathe out slowly and relax. It is important to listen to yourself while you are inhaling and exhaling and you will be surprised to see how quiet the deep breathe can become.

To start a good relaxation process try and begin by easing the tension around the head and you can do this by doing a head roll. Roll the head slowly round to the right shoulder and then raise the chin. Lower the head and roll back to the center and continue round to the left shoulder. Repeat for no more than five times.