Maybe it takes a whole City to get your Attention.

Father, it’s time I do a little review

The hatred in my actions was not addressed at you

Consider this the beginning of the project to save my soul

Salvation and happiness can be our only goal

Suffer in Silence

Tell me brother, were we meant to suffer in silence?

30 million black people in the hood plagued by violence

Yeah maybe plagued by violence but destroyed by addiction

Kanye like sellin’ rap is America’s only dark diction

Last year Budweiser sold about six billion bottles

And no, we drank that addiction – Lil’ Wayne forget the models

Sixty million, damn that’s a lot of stuff to push around town.

More than enough liquor to take New Orleans down

See people just hungry – thing is they fallin down

The paster, the priest – they right to be angry an’ frown.

People sayin’ its our fault just so they can let us drown

All those at the top would rather just laugh it off

I wish they’d lend a hand instead of just jackin off

There’s something seriously wrong with these newspaper pictures

If people in Louisiana can die while Lou Dobbs lectures

Drowning scares me more than anything man

Imagine swimming away, doin’ everything you can

Yo city’s under water, but this hood ain’t atlantis

But the ends the same, people dead – the government a praying mantis

Or some other kind of insect, maybe a cockroach

No reparations, we only askin’ for a little reproach

Some kind of punishment as little boys and girls

Die in FEMA trailers, sick off the chemicals

And Spike Lee, like always brother we agree on this

This Katrina stuff, yeah holla man, it’s bull

But don’t walk away from me without hearing the following words

Katrina is only the tip of the iceberg

Maybe it takes a city to call to your attention

That like I said before, we the people need intervention

Intervention baby, and I’m not just talkin’ divine

Although it would be nice if those Congressmen actually worked in summertime

Lack of responsibility by those in power

We didn’t vote ‘em in for no scandals in the shower

Shower, bathroom, wide stance whatever

It’s about damn time the people rose up and stood together

I’m calling for an insurrection. The never is now.

A new face in the game, I’m just getting started in.

Get my folks out the hood like I’m Brooka T. Washington

Push more packs than that OG Denzela Washington

Deliver more speeches than a brother named Martin

Maybe I’ll have my own march on Washington

This nation is broken so it’s time to start again

Like Barack, get elected and make us less partisan

Poetry painted like I’m some kinda medieval French artisan.