McDonald’s Doing Great in UK Despite Economic Downturn

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has just announced that the economy of the United Kingdom is now in recession. The announcement came after several high profile businesses including Marks and Spencer’s, Woolworth’s and similar pioneering businesses in Britain have closed shop due to poor revenues and mounting overhead expenses.

But there are some companies that are doing well in times of economic crises. One of these companies is the American fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Mail Online: ‘The recession has proved to be good news for McDonald’s as families abandon restaurants for less expensive fast-food.

‘The American hamburger chain is expected to announce next week that it has just enjoyed its best ever year in Britain.

‘It joins rivals Domino’s Pizza and Greggs the Baker in cashing in from the consumer’s downturn. McDonald’s serves 2.5 million customers in UK every day.

And as recession squeezes household spending, it seems consumers are giving up nights out in favor of staying at home with a DVD, a bottle of wine and a takeaway.

McDonald’s announced that there has been a 10% increase in sales for McBreakfasts and a rising revenue figures on ice cream sales.

McDonald’s said it will announce its full year results on Monday which will show 11th consecutive quarter of growth and may well be the best year for McDonald’s in the United Kingdom