Megamind Quotes

 Megamind a new cartoon movie today.

Megamind Quotes from the trailer.

I have a fairly standard childhood – with parents how could wait to get me out of this planet –

You are destined for greatness – Megamind father

that was the day i met  Mr Goody Two Shoes and our glorious rivalry was born.

“Our battles quickly got more elaborate. He would win some, I would ALMOST win others! He took the name: Metro Man, defender of Metro City. I decided to pick something a little more humble:

MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy! “

one of my favorite line of Roxanne Ritchie and Megamind:

Roxanne Ritchie: Your plans never work, you’re SOOO predictable!

Megamind: You call THIS predictable?

pulls a lever

Roxanne Ritchi: Alligators, yeah,hmm I was thinking about it on the way over.

Megamind: Booyah!

brings down a gauntlet of blades

Roxanne Ritchi: Juvenile!

Megamind: So scary…

activites a cycle of spiked boots

Roxanne Ritchi: Seen it!

Megamind: brings up a chainsaw This one’s kind of…

Roxanne Ritchi: Tacky!

Megamind: What’s this one do?

– unleashes a flamethrower

Roxanne Ritchie: Gossh!

[Megamind breaks down

Roxanne Ritchi: The spider’s new.

Megamind: Spider?

sees a spider hanging in front of Roxanne

Megamind: Uh. Yeah, the spiiiider. Even the smallest bite from.”arachnis deadlius”. will instantly paralyze.

Roxanne blows the spider into MegaMind’s eye

Megamind: Aargh! Get it off!

Just a few alterations, and I will be done with your cape! I’m calling it, the Black Mambaaaaa.

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