Memoir Writing 101: Sell Your Memoir

You have finished writing your memoir, and you have had it bound and printed. Now it is time to get your baby out into the world. In order to do this, you need to plan a promotion campaign and sell your book. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

Send the book out into the world. Scour the Internet for other people who have published similar books and send them a copy of your book. Ask for a review and offer to return the favor for them. Be sure to tell them why you think their review would be valuable to you. 

Send copies of your book (or an excerpt) to local news editors and request an interview. Many of these editors are always looking for a good filler or local ‘celebrities’. You can also send press releases to your local papers, telling them about your memoir. Try to connect the content of your memoir with something popular happening in the world. Do your homework – what are hot topics and themes right now?

Have a professional website. Most self-publishers (and traditional publishers) provide their authors with a website. You can use the site that they provide you, but I suggest that you have a personal website as well. Doing this will make you look more professional. 

Determine who the top distributors are and send a copy of the book to them. These distributors are in the business of finding venues to buy quality books so talk to them about your book. Sell yourself. 

Get out there! You have to make yourself seen and heard among the multitudes of authors vying for attention. 

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