Men Fashions For 2011

This fall and winter, there are five styles for men that help bring out the man’s personality. Whether the All-American Man, The Rugged Adventurer, The Sophisticated Metro Man, The Elegant Posh Man, or The No-Nonsense Athlete, these basic styles are modernized with few essential updated pieces for 2011.

  The All-American Man is laidback and casual, but with simple and basic clothes. Denim is popular for this style. Denim pants worn with white t-shirts, high-top sneakers and baseball caps is a typical everyday outfit. For work or other events, this man might wear a narrow-lapel blazer in a neutral color, with a denim shirt, denim pants, narrow brown belt, aviator glasses, and desert boots in a brown, beige or gray shade. Others pieces might include loafers or ankle boots with a top strap.

  The Rugged Adventurer wears knits, wool and pleather in neutral shades. Pleather pants with fake fur trim aviator jacket that has fake fur lining, gloves, sweater, and lace-up combat boots. Military pants, shirt, sweater, necktie, wool or knit scarf, knit cap, and boots are worn with a down jacket or down vest. Cardigan, thermal t-shirt, wool or knit scarf, knit cap, rugged boots, and cargo pants. Corduroy pants with a bottom-down t-shirt, long cardigan, narrow belt, and ankle boots. And finally, the skier-inspired outfit of down jacket, turtleneck, knit vest, tight pants, and clunky boots will keep an active man warm, even though he doesn’t live in the snow-covered mountains.

  The Sophisticated Metro Man is a man who lives and works in the downtown area of the city. Metro men tend to be fashionable, maybe too fashionable for a man, because they sometimes are mistaken for a homosexual. But they are comfortable with their sexuality and they are not afraid to freely express their feminine side. Their clothes are sleek, neat, clean looking and fit well, and they tend to accessorize well to put an outfit together. They often carry a man-purse, tote bag with shoulder strap or a messenger bag everywhere they go. They might also be seen wearing a watch with a colorful band or carrying a colorful wallet. Coats and hats are popular in cool months, but such coats have modern styles and cuts. Whatever they wear, it is usually from a big name designer, such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Armani, Gucci, Dior, etc.

  The Elegant Posh Man is an upper crust man, or just looks upper crust to fool the ladies into thinking he has lots money. He tends to be a playboy as well as he keeps busy with his many toys, cars and gadgets. His clothes and accessories tend to be conventional but with colorful splash of royal gems. Sometimes, he tends to look flashy because of all the bright colors, shiny clothes and jewelry. But he likes clothes and money, and he enjoys wearing expensive clothes and accessories. His clothes are inspired from prep school uniforms, British tweeds, and classic-cut clothes, such as pea coats, ascots, caps, v-neck sweaters, silk shirts and neckties, but embellished with color, jewelry, and Club name labels. Such Club labels include clothes and accessories with the name of particular college, prep school, country club, town and country club, and other exclusive clubs.

   The No-Nonsense Athletic Man is all about sports. Sporting events are all he lives for daily. He is always watching sports, whether on TV or in an arena, as well as reading about sports, thinking about sports, and even dreaming about sports. His favorite hangout is either a gym or sports arena. He owns a lot of sports magazines, which he often studies, as if he will be tested on the information someday. His toys and gadgets are sports-related, like sports equipment, balls, pool table, and other outdoor games. He owns many sneakers, since that is all he wears, and they are the best quality because he wears them out quickly. He is always seen with his sport bag as well as protective sunglasses that protect against strong UV rays, since he spends his time mostly outdoors. Caps and visors are also popular protective gear. Clothes and accessories that he tends to wear are polo shirts, tank tops, v-neck sweaters, windbreaker or track jacket, terrycloth headband and wristbands, sweat socks, knee-length shorts, gym pants, and pajama pants.

  Here are your five popular men for this fall 2010 as well as winter 2011. For all you men reading this, which man are you? And, for the women who are reading this, which man is for you?