Men From Shiloh: Gun Quest


Men from Shiloh: Gun Quest was an interesting show that had quite the guest.  I was actually very impressed with the talent that made up this show.  The episode features James Drury as The Virginian who, away from Shiloh, ends up being mistaken for a gun for hire named Boss Cooper.

He escapes and sets up to find the real Cooper in order to save himself.

The stars who appeared included John Smith of Laramie fame.  He had previously guested in an episode of The Virginian, but didn’t really have all that much to do.  This time, though, he had plenty of action and really did a fine job.

Brandon De Wilde played Smith’s brother, which was actually good casting.  They have similarities in their features.

Playing their mother was Agnes Moorehead.  She had the sourpuss thing going really well.

Then there was Joseph Cotten whose role wasn’t all that big, but he was still good to see.  Rod Cameron had a couple of good moments, too.

I really loved seeing Monte Markham, who was the real Cooper.  He doesn’t show up until the last part of the episode, but he’s so darn good to watch.  Playing his wife was Sallie Shockley.  She was a tad annoying, but she did okay.

There were a couple of silly pieces of dialog in this last bit of the show, but overall, it was entertaining, and this guest cast, which also included Neville Brand and Anne Francis, is worth watching the show regardless of plot.