Methods Diet For You With The Blood Type O

Today to discuss methods based on blood type diet, especially O. (The other patient ya ..) Well, if you have blood type O can read this, for who does not know his blood group, who knew his blood type O. For those who have blood type other than O, may be read as well, who knows a relative or friend who has blood type O and want to know how a good diet. Thus, essentially all should read. icon smile Diet Method For You With the Blood Type O

One method you can follow the diet is a diet method is based on your blood type because it is more precise and specific. So kemugkinan great success, then what is the appropriate method of diet for blood type O?

Diet based on blood type was actually invented by a doctor named Dr. Peter DÁdamo, he was the one who wrote a book about “Eat right for you type.” I know what that means, do not you learn English uda opinion, the chemical reaction occurs between the blood and the foods you eat, this reaction is part of your genetic heritage derived in the form of blood. And factors of this reaction is called Lectins. Thus, a diet based on blood type, then reaksi2 occurring chemical in the body and the negative impact can be minimized.

Before we describe the sample diet for blood type O’s good to know also the hallmark of blood type O, that is:

    * Has the immune system that is relatively better than other types of blood groups.
* Blood type O to cope with stress can be aerobic.
* Blood type O can also easily customize the menu to eat around.
* When the food consumed does not fit, then you are at risk of disease caused by inflammation and organ damage such as arthritis.

Blood type diet profile 0

– It is recommended to eat foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
– It is permissible to eat with the meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.
– But for the menu’s and nuts padi2 better constrained.

Things to consider / avoid for blood type O in a weight loss program are:

    * Wheat
* Corn
* Red beans
* Nuts
* Brussel sprouts
* Cabbage
* Mustard