Mickey Mouse Is Coming To Your Party !!

If you are also looking for the same material for your party, the Mickey Mouse Backpack is the one stop destination for you. Here, you will get the Mickey style clothing, toys & other surprises.  Dive into the real world of Mickey with lots of goodies, toys, clothes & much more that will draw the attention of children as well as the adults.

Mickey Mouse Ears

Planning for the party? Not able to decide the theme? This is the issue with many parents who want to give their children the amazing & happiest moments of life. Hence, it is better to select the theme which resembles the dreamlands of the children, right?

Every kid has a dream to be like its own favorite hero or cartoon character. For the true fans & lovers of Mickey, Mickey Mouse Backpack has brought the special Mickey mouse ears that will turn all the kids in the party into the real looking Mickey & Minnie. Available in the numbers of color & design option, the ears are designed to fit on every type of face. For the amazing theme of the party, it is the best idea to have the Mickey mouse ears& get lost in the world of Disney, where lots of fun & enjoyment is waiting for you.

The prices of the ears are very affordable. The additional discount & offers are available for the bulk orders. The doorstep delivery within a few days is guaranteed. We accept all the types of credit & debit cards.

Mickey Mouse Clothing

Sometimes, having a little makeover provides the fade up look to the party. The feeling of something to be missed surrounds the environment, hindering the happiness to come to life. But, what is missing? For the complete Mickey make over, you need the Mickey style clothing for your kids. The Mickey mouse Backpack provides you the Mickey mouse clothing for the kids to turn your party house into the real Disney environment having lots of Mickey & friends. The perfect sizes of junior, infants & kids are ready to reach you in many wonderful color schemes mimicking Mickey &Minnie comic texture.

Imagine the environment of kids dressed in the Mickey Mouse clothing & wearing the Mickey Mouse ears! All the children will be filled with the wave of joy & happiness if you will present them the birthday gift in their favorite Mickey style.

The price of Mickey Mouse clothing depends upon the size & quality that you choose. Exact sizes for kids of all ages along with the new styles & patterns are available. All the stuff is designed to match up the latest fashion & trend in the Disney World.


This season, decorate your party walls with the new Disney theme. Immerse yourself  in the panorama of real Mickey window. Apart from the Mickey Mouse clothing & Mickey Mouse ears, you can get the exact games & fun packs. The goodies & other souvenirs will make every moment memorable. The The www.mickeymousebackpack.com>Disney Store will present you the day to day use items with colorful Mickey theme at very affordable prices. After all, the childhood never comes back.