Millionaire’s Club -on a Thousandnaire’s Budget

With so many new millionaire’s in one generation who has time to count the Thousand’Naire’s/ Well I do – that’s right I have taken the time out to pay homage to these individuals and thank them for their being. For if not for the Thousand’Naire’s where would society be today? They are the sect of society that keeps this big wheel o’ turnin’ they are the prideful result of a wasteful, over indulgent society – they are our future…

/Thousand’naire- person who has accumulated over one thousand dollars – in his/her lifetime.

You’ve made it! Your parents are so proud, endless years of sacrifice and tough love has resulted in the human being that you are today…a true life “Thousand’naire”. This accomplishment has certain characteristics that are found only in your kind. These “traits” as listed below are exclusive, v.i.p. only, and limo drag racing in nature.
Traits of a Thousand’naire: (In reverse order)
10. Carries a dead cellphone in plain view and always asks to use some one else’s phone because his/her battery “just died”.
09. Borrows $ for things he/she obviously does not need but should be able to afford, i.e. Chinese food, Supersized meal upgrade(79 cents at most fast food places)
08. Addicted to Starbuck’s coffee
07. Tips wait staff with other people’s money
06. Drives a late model vehicle under someone else’s insurance
05. Wears Chanel glasses, carries a large Prada bag, and fiercely rides public transportation
04. Has a palm pilot to schedule literal play dates with others (i.e. video game night, card night, etc.)
03. Thinks that Global Warming has it’s perks (warmer summers, warmer springs, warmer falls, warmer winters)
02. Wears Tee-shirts with obvious sayings on them (Gold Digger, Man Toy 200, Will Use You, etc.)
01. Does not bother to read anything that doesn’t include at least one of the following; LMAO, LOL, BRB, etc…

Don’t be afraid if you can identify with this newly defined species -as less than ten percent of the country’s population are millionaires!