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Minerva Rewards brings together renowned physicians and scientists within the fields of wellness and nutrition and supports them utilizing the country’s most accomplished writers, graphic artists and film and video producers to provide folks top high quality content material associated to weight management, fitness and wellness, fashion and beauty. Minerva’s master distributor is going to become Jimmy, Jimmy is a leader who has already construct a network of more than 200,000 individuals with sales much more than $700 million.

Minerva Place Worldwide’s Objectives MINERVA Place Worldwide

Minerva’s goal will likely be to inform people relating to a number of topics which consists of fat loss, wellness, anti-aging, life-style and fashion. Minerva members will most likely have the ability to get totally free of charge high quality articles and videos produced by America’s greatest journalists, Hollywood’s best filmmakers, renowned physicians and celebrities! Minerva will be positioning itself on 1 of the greatest and most lucrative markets, namely the nicely being and beauty market.

In the understanding that about 17 percent in the American kids are meeting the criteria for childhood obesity these days, Minerva Location Globally decided that their main objectives is going to become obesity prevention. A generous percentage of all new Minerva Place fundamental member charges will go toward the fight against childhood obesity. the Minerva membership will price $19.95 a year and will also incorporate a beneficial, wholesome and light recipe book. Minerva Worldwide has set some honorable objectives and I’m confident that a number of individuals will most likely be attracted to the concept and also the opportunity to create an added revenue with it.

Scheduled to go reside in early 2012, Minerva Location Globally Rewards is already poised to turn out to be the number one Health and Beauty destination on the web. Founded by some of America’s most effective business and marketing leaders, Minerva Place Worldwide Rewards brings together renowned physicians and scientists within the fields of health and nutrition and supports them using the country’s most accomplished writers, graphic artists and film/video producers to offer visitors with smart content related to weight management, fitness and wellness, as well as beauty, style and fashion.

The useful content material on Minerva Place Globally Rewards is totally free, but we encourage visitors to become community members so they might interact and share their knowledge and expertise in the areas of health and wellness. Community members also gain access to Minerva Place Globally Rewards premium content and special functions and benefits which includes Cash Rewards for referring other people towards the web site. A generous portion of this upgraded membership contributes to Minerva Place Globally Rewards Inc’s mission; the fight against childhood obesity which is fast becoming one of America’s most serious well being problems.

All initial time guests are welcomed by a known celebrity and invited to watch our free Weight Management video which appears on our homepage. The content material of this video is based on the scientific principles prescribed by highly-respected physicians on our board. This really is an important video which instructs viewers how you can preserve perfect body composition, relying on a proven methodology that promotes weight management through wholesome nutritional practices. Our award-winning writers, producers and animators produce shows which not just teach, but tastefully entertain. This 30-minute show, created by a very famous medical doctor with two Ph.D’s is free to all guests.