Monetize Social Media to Make Money on Internet

Internet marketers such as Perry Belchers makes a lot of money on internet with social media. He has over 130 000 fans and supporters all over the world who are actual his army to make money on internet. He made a lot of money as much as $1 per follower.

How to do that? You need to build your own network in order to have huge numbers of follwers. First rule is to get your followers keep following you is never send a sale page to them. Don’t be a salesman because people hate salesman. What you need to do is treat all your follwer as a friend. Build the trust between you and them. They will trust you until you give the reason for not trusting you. They are all your friends who will buy something from you, and like a good friend you want they get what they want.

You can do it buy educate all your friend about products you want to sell. Provide them the information on the products such as benefits, advantages of using it, and try not to be expert. You are a reporter and be a profesional reporter. A few tecniques can be used in order to do above step. One of the tecniques is webminar or pre-affiliate video. All you need to do is setup a video and publish it to social media. Webminar is he closest fac-to-face selling to do online. Other than webminar is to setup micro review site. You need to be 100% objective and provide value feedback on the products you want to sell.

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