Monster Versus Aliens Review


The movie is entertaining at the first 45 minutes, but its gets lame towards the end, Good for families looking to past some time though.

It starts with the main character Susan, a popular blonde who’s about to get married and “live happily ever after”. When a meteorite that possessed intergalactic planetary superpower hit her and turned her into Ginormica. Then she was put away with other monsters secretly kept by the government. i strongly believed that they shouldn’t have chosen Reese Witherspoon voice because it is way out of place. He voice does not fit at all.

From here until they met with the evil alien is funny, afterwards the story and the joke just keep getting lamer and lamer. Just don’t get too excited about the Missing link, I had also thought that the missing link would do something hilariously funny but noooo. He’s just plain moody hero.

The ending is terrible, Insectosaurus turned to be uglier than before, talk about lazy animators.

Insectosaurus was the lamest of them all, its not cute and its not funny.  I wonder why they are not using Shrek Writers to do the story. The concept was good though, but not enough jokes to keep the audience laughing out loud.

For animations such as Monsters vs. Aliens, Jokes are No.1 criteria, so if there’s NO real memorable jokes, with luck the movie will only goes into break even after deducting the whole cost.

So i guess if you going to watch the movie make sure there are no movies that can compete with it, so you’ll feel that you are paying good money. No don’t get me wrong, it is entertaining but watching it half way you’ll fell that you should get out and enjoy the next 1 hour of your life.