Most Embarrassing Moments

Dining embarrassment moments, you are having a meal with a someone new and you hoping that nothing will go wrong he keeps on smiling and you smile back showing your white pearls but when you excuse yourself to go the girl’s room to powder up you see why he won’t stop smiling you have lipstick on your teeth you remove the colouring of your teeth but that moment of embarrassment is still there.

Skiing is full of laughs and surprises, you enjoy your day and look forward going on a best of the best skiing competition but you, and pride comes down before a fall, the best  ski stack is under the chair lifts, you choose to be on the highest part of the mountain, but as you want the world to see you you look the wrong way and smack into a ski life pylon and that raised voices for more.

A tampon in your bag comes out while trying to take something else out, every one starring at you, or another one if a pad falls out in public.

You go to visit your husband at work and he watches you while you approach him, with some of his friends, but what you didn’t see is a crack in your path and you trip and go flying flat on your tummy. Getting up from that fall is going to take  awhile and all eyes at you.

Menstrual time, you get into your boyfriend’s bed and afterwards see that you have been menstruating heavily, but you didn’t see that has leaked from the bed to the bathroom. You have no choice but to admit it and face it.

Ever coloured your hair and nobody noticed you and now you wish you had your normal colour back?

Being at an under age dance club is fun while meeting other people and you are dressed in a mini skirt with short tops you thought you looked great for the night because everyone starring at you, instead of sitting  on a stool you sat on a trash can and your butt fell in and your legs stuck out a moment unforgettable.

You go out to a friends party at a Internet cafe and suddenly your tummy starts bubbling but didn’t think much of it but minutes later you realised there was no toilet it was to late because you had already crapped yourself.

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