Most Epic Hot Weather Girls

Don’t know why, but there are some amazing weather girls in the world of news channels. We’re talking about just weather girls, not the other news anchors. They’re just so drop-dead gorgeous that they can make a tornado heading for your house sound like good news. Got a thing for weather girls? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest weather girls in the entire world…



Cristina from Texas is a perfect embodiment of what we meant by hot weather girls. With accurate forecast and her beautiful body, weather reports can’t get much perfect than this.

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This girl is really living the life of her dreams. Kens5 is using her as the host to an award-wining talk show called Great Day SA. She’s got all the tools to be a model, and that honestly shows her dedication to the news industry.



Sian Welby is highly known for being one of the only news reporter that tries to insert puns in her daily weather reports. She’s been the face of Channel 5 for quite a few years and we have to say, the Channel 5 has a gorgeous face.

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The 29-year old weather girl told The Daily Mail that her purpose is to spice up the daily reports and make them less boring. Well, no one told her that she doesn’t need humor to make her news exciting.


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Cheryl is a 30 year old meteorologist that astonishes viewers everyday on ABC 7. She’s highly eloquent and knows exactly have to make weather reports amazing.


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Nazaneen is a British weather reporter who’s easily the prettiest woman in the UK news reporting scene. She has a great personality and flair. Two things that are necessary to make folks like weather reporting.

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This weather reporter is actually of Iranian decent. She is known throughout England for her exceptional fashion sense and amazing dresses. She’s the type of woman that puts chic and glamour into news reporting.


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While most of you have probably never heard about Magda, she has earned herself quite the name in Romania for being a weather bombshell. She is quite infamous for her weather presentations, but even more for her astounding figure.

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From her interview with Libertatea, she says that she loves to travel but she’s lost on why people gather around her wherever she goes. Well, Magda, we have a good idea as to why that happens.


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Featured on Despierta America, Ximena is definitely a highlight on her own. This Columbian blond is known for her unorthodox style and how she can spice up her segments. She’s great at drawing in views and this cute outfit is just excelling at doing that.

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Ximena is also a part-time model and actor, She’ll be working in a telenovela named In Wilds. We can guarantee she’ll be a joy to watch outside the weather world.


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We talked about UKs hottest weathergirls, Patricia definitely takes the prize for Canada’s. She both gorgeous and highly talented at the same time. She’s a pro at making people tune in to listen the weather instead of reading about it on their notification panels.

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Patricia isn’t just a pretty face or a hot bod. She’s a charity spokesperson and a lifestylist. With her chocolate-colored skin, she’ll makes your TV screen melt!