Most Popular Facebook Application

Facebook is arguably the most popular social networking website in the planet. It has millions of active users and currently sits at second place just after Google in Alexa’s website traffic rankings.

Facebook is a great way to meet new friends and stay connected with the old ones. As of early 2010, Facebook had already surpassed its competitor Myspace and had also overcome Friendster — the former dominant social utility in Asia.

Facebook’s meteoric rise can perhaps be attributed to its innovative yet simple, easy and fun applications.

Here below is a list of my top Facebook applications;


If you are environment-friendly and you once dreamed of living a life in the country fields, planting crops, raising farm animals and maintaining your own ranch Farmville is a great game for you.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Who said that poker is the game of the filthy rich?

In Facebook, you can play Poker without the thought of losing your hard earned money.

Pet Society

In 2009, Top Applications ranked Pet Society as the most popular Facebook application. Users custom design their pets , choosing color, gender and other physical features of their pet.

Cafe World

So, you’re planning to have your own Starbucks in the near future. Why not try Cafe World?

It may serve as a good on-the-job training, you know.

Restaurant City

If you have a feel of managing your own restaurant or you just want to get back at your “friend” by ordering him to clean the bathroom, Restaurant City is the perfect game for you.

Mafia Wars

If the serenity of farming or the hassle of managing your own food establishment doesn’t suit you well, perhaps you might find your niche as a hired killer.

Mafia Wars is a game wherein you start as a small-time goon and begin your climb as the leader of a Mafia group.

Bejeweled Blitz

More like Tetris, but here instead of swapping boring bricks, you move colorful gems. The objective of the game is well, more like Tetris.

Who has the Bigger Brain?

This game tests various aspects of your intellect such as your analytical ability, mathematical skills and memory. Most people will see this as boring but not the ones who stay at libraries all day long or those who turn their face into horrible grimaces inside their personalized laboratory.

Crazy Taxi

One of the oldie but goodies when it comes to arcade games, Crazy Taxi can serve as a virtual simulation of those guys at night who are driving under the influence of alcohol.

Treasure Madness

If you like treasure (who doesn’t?) and you like adventure, Treasure Madness is the best Facebook game for you.

The game is all about treasure hunting; you basically explore maps and dig yourself on your way to a hidden treasure.