Mother's Day: Gift's That Keep On Giving

No one wants to be the ungrateful kid or grandchild with gift-less hands on Mother’s Day and every mother loves being the center of attention and admiration for one day a year. With all that pressure, it’s no wonder we sometimes have problems contemplating the perfect gift for our loved one.

Here are some ideas


A gift that keeps on giving, a house plant is a great gift for the eco minded mom as well as for mother types who enjoy having something relaxing to do. Gardening and just having more plant life in our direct environments is known to raise wellness, lower stress and increase the natural beauty of our lives. Take some time to browse your local nursery for something that does require too much tending and please make sure you don’t get anything she’s allergic too!


This may seem like an off the wall gift, but really, truly, what can you get your mother, grandmother or mother figure that is better than a live companion that can show your love for her every day?

Kitten’s may seem like a handful, but their younger years are so precious, reminding her of your younger years and all the fun she had raising you. As the kitten grows older, it will provide the mother in your life with a companion who will never leave her without a lap warmer, stress reliever or comic relief. Think about it.


If your mother is one who doesn’t get outside enough or spends all her time outside, there is no reason why a bird bath couldn’t be the perfect gift. You can grace her with the chance to watch birds at their most playful, when they take baths!

Nothing reminds us of mother natures wonders and amazement as much as watching it in action. Get her a bird bath and you’ll open up the opportunity for many wonderful memories that are all tangled up with you and your love for your mommy.


A definitely classic, you can rarely go wrong with a day at the spa for mom. Get her hooked up with a mud bath, manicure, pedicure, facial and anything else you can afford to throw in. Heck, if you can even put up for a nail job and massage only, you’ll still be on the top of her good list for the next few months.


This is an especially great option if your mother lives in the states. Air, land or water travel are going at great rates just in time for mother’s day specials. Purchase her a ticket before mothers day and give it to her as a gift for a month or so away. You can plan for her to visit her favorite vacation spot, to go check out a casino resort or to even take an easy island getaway to the carribean (without losing your life savings). What a way to say “Happy Mothers Day!”


I think we often forget that sometimes the best gift for the mom’s in our life, is just some quality time with us (their kids!). When we grow up and leave the nest it changes things a lot and even though she might have been happy to be relieved of our adolescent ways for a while, that doesn’t mean she would love to have a day with just you and her.

Plan a day with a few activities that you can go and do with mom. Whether it’s going to a movie, to the zoo, a beach, a park, a museum, an art gallery or any sort of adventure you think she would enjoy with you. Just make sure you have your cell phone off and you’re attention on mom. This is no sort of gift if you’re going to be engaged in other things all day, but it is definitely a gift that keeps on giving if you choose it.


Remember all those nights your mom came home tired from work and still cooked you a wonderful meal?

What about grandma? I bet she always had something savory and delicious ready when you can to visit.

Why not return the favor and cook up something divine for that mother of thine?

Just make sure you’re not planning on sneaking out to buy some chinese food and bring it over. This is a time to roll up the sleeves and make something fresh and hot from scratch in the kitchen. Whether you make it at your home first and bring it over, or impress her by making it at her place, there is no reason you can’t cook up something she’ll love. Especially since you put the thought and energy into making it just for her!

Happy Mothers Day!