Mother's Day- How Much do You Appreciate It?

Is mother’s day really appreciated as much as it is supposed to be? I honestly don’t think it is. Ever since we are children, and kind of are forced to devote an entire day to our moms, and give them cards and gifts and do what they want us to do for that one day, many of us do not realize why we are celebrating this event. Being a teenager and living at home with my family, I get used to the daily duties that my mother partakes in. And by getting used to these events, people generally start to appreciate them less.

My mom does the laundry, washes the dishes, makes dinner, makes sure that everything is clean and nice for us kids. But its not like I say thank you and tell her how much I appreciate her every day, and I doubt anyone else says thank you every day for all of these things. And the vast majority of moms don’t only do these every day things, but they also have to go to work. Having a job to support a family seems very difficult, and I think that mothers really do deserve a lot of appreciation for what they do.

I chose to write this as my first article after joining this website, not only because it is mother’s day, but also to show my appreciation toward my own mom, and maybe open up other’s eyes to how great their mothers truly are, if they haven’t realized it already.