Motorola Atrix Review

The new Motorola Atrix has been launched in the CES of 2011 and it has the processor dual core NVIDIA 1 GHz as well as the RAM of 1 GB. The screen display of the Motorola Atrix is of 4inches and offers the display of high definition. There is an internal memory of 16 GB which can be extended to 32 GB. Its battery operates at 1980mAh and offers us the camera of 5 MP.

Motorola Atrix is in black shape in which its front side is dominant. The back color shows the carbon fiber which offers us an attractive grip level. There is the thickness of 10.9 mm.

Like these parts other parts of the smart phone are also standard like its rocker of volume which is easy to hit as well as works good enough when we are taking a call or listening music. Similarly the button of power or lock is also at very good position on the back but is near top.

The slot which is next to the slot of micro USB is of HDMI and has an opening in the phone. Its offers us the spectacular display and has very fast lightening when we talk about the colors and resolutions. There is a connection of HDMI and three connections of USB slots. If we want a big screen, keyboard and the Bluetooth mouse HDMI connection is used.

Motorola Atrix has now moved to the mode of Web Top and a new Linux powered desktop comes up at the place.