Mounting the Saddle of Artistic Sexual Satisfaction

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Exposing False Masks   Each person is distinctly unequivocally unique, imbued with his/her own set of  ‘more than colorful’ varied ‘life stories’ and because of the wide spectrum of nuances thereto attache d, is permeated with an all consuming need and desire to express these variegated personal experiences. With all the ever evolving yet repeating circular patterns of indescribable involvement attached to the others associated, the actual stories are more unbelievable than fiction. And, unless, one is endowed with an acute spastically laden sense of humor, he/she would drown in the murkiness of the emotional drama included.  This overstated drama is immediately attached to the level of sexual artistic intensity propelling the person.   I am convinced, beyond a shadow of doubt, that ART is the overwhelming sacred sexual impetus of man. Nothing propels him/her more than the ‘artistic’ experiences associated with his/her exclusive journey through life. I use the word ‘artistic’ because no other word portrays a person’s individual interpretation of sensual life quite the same. Because of this hallowed earth experience, (imbued with all the varying relationships) he/she is able to share a different viewpoint, a divergent slant, an all encompassing emotional observation and distinctive mental paradigm. How, when, why or where one chooses to express this ‘artistic’ composited venture is strictly the impromptu business of each individual person. I use the word impromptu because I also believe that nothing happens by accident. Though many people may choose to differ with me, no one can deny that in life everything happens for a divine (inexplicable) reason.  We may not be able to discern the reason at the time, but as each day unfolds more information is given and with time, the awareness of why things unfolded as they did makes itself more visible. (Not that much of it ever makes much more sense to our visual sight’s satisfaction or delirious mental faculties) the fact remains we are involved in soulful projects which cause us to transpire, expire or inspire.             I must veer away from that particular train of thought for a moment to more fully introduce myself. Isn’t that what most people are expected to do when trying to convey a specific point?  How many times after having disclosed your name, along with any other relevant and pertinent information you so deem to reveal, are asked the next question, “What do you do?”  I hate that question.  What do I do? What do you mean, what do I do?  I live, I laugh, I love, I learn, I lie, I laud, I lust, I leach, I listen, I look, I load, I luxuriate, and I lyrically express whatever I want to, in whatever conceivable ways and means present themselves. What I want to know is: who doesn’t?    Who among us has not expanded himself/herself in whatever way that most appealed while participating in the cosmically riddled puzzle of existence? But, it never fails: people continue to impress and need to be impressed by some clever answer to that stupid question of what it is you do. The important question should be: are you doing exactly and precisely what it is you love to do?  {I mean really honest to goodness passionate about?}  The kind of passion that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck while your heart throbs with uncontainable pleasure?  Or do you simply exist in a job whereby you hate everything about it but remain for the ‘so-called’ money you make or the security it offers? {Could be the prestige, power, position or basic gut level need} In any case, unless it makes your ‘bobber bob’, get busy finding something that does. Passion is very sele ctive and will not tolerate any superficial substitutes!  When your eyes open in the morning, do you jump out of bed feet pouncing on the floor raring to leap into the unknown adventure of the day’s perpetual sensually imbued unfoldment? Life is sexual!  Life is artistically erotic in every sense of the word. You are not separate from the day you face and if you are facing it numbed and unresponsive, that says a lot about your unfulfilled sexual nature. Why would you drag yourself around like a sack of wet fertilizer?  Not only is the result of your denied day of pleasure unpleasant for you, the others in your life pay for it in unmentionable ways. Unless you pursue you in all of your wondrous grandeur, every other aspect wilts on vitality’s vine. What are you waiting for? You are filled to capacity and overflowing with extraordinary gifts, talents and abilities.  Don’t wait for a better more conducive time. Now is that time you have been waiting for. Now is the time to express you in fullness!  I hear you saying you don’t know what that is.  Oh! Yes, you do. What is it that embarrasses you the most to think about doing?  Do that first!!!  What is it you think you need someone else’s approval and permission before attempting?  Make that specific project your number one priority without breathing a syllable. . You are an undomesticated artist who must create. Nobody can do you like you can do you. Get started today. Discover what it is you have been hiding from you. It’s so much fun unraveling the parts of your erotic artistic nature you’ve submerged. The moment you decide to let it rip, strange/wonderful events will flood into your world like sounds, smells, voices and colors which you will not be able to resist. You will be driven into a desire filled frenzy of laughter and unexplored delight. {Even your taste buds will be heightened!} Who knows IF you decide to de-ass the cloak of superiority (Any form of niceness and fake servitude) you work so hard to maintain, your life just might take an unimaginable liberating turn. In fact, you may, when asked the next time, “What do you do?” Answer quickly in unreserved authentic passion: “What I damn well want to, don’t you?”