One Of The Best Online Games Websites

If you’re into wasting your time and keeping away the boredom, this site is perfect for you! is an online games website. And were not talking about really serious gaming, just simple little fun games you can enjoy. Mousebreaker is a free website, you don’t have to pay to play any of the games. Another handy feature is the fact that you don’t have to download the games, you can just play them on the website.

When you go to the homepage you are given some of the latest games to choose from. There are usually a few a week that come out so there is plenty of new ones to give a try. You are also given a top ten games list, this is handy as the best games are often on this list. Or you can browse through the categories and look for games that you may enjoy.

I’m not sure how many games there are but I am guessing it’s a few hundred, so that’s plenty to go at! Not all of the games are that great but there are loads on there that many people really enjoy playing. B Some of my personal favourites are: Blast billiards, all different kinds of this one. The premiership volley game is good, you can play for your own club. I love the cricket games, the ashes flash cricket is very addictive at the moment. I also really enjoy the table tennis game. There are loads of others I love and I would be here all day if I were to list them.

Most of the games have a feature where you can submit your score and try and get on the leader board. Most leader boards are reset daily but many have monthly leader boards and all time leader boards. I really like this feature as you can compete with other players and try and reach the top of the leader boards!

There are some good shooter games that involve real skill. Some games you can pick up in minutes whereas others you can play for hours until you really get the hang of them. Hours of fun! I have been using this site for years now. The games have got better and better and there is always something new to try. Its great to look back at the older games and rediscover them, I have been doing this recently and found some real classics I love! So if you have some time to waste, and you like playing pointless games, give this site a try. I’m pretty sure you will be hooked in no time!