Move On!

That’s what I tell myself after every unpleasant episode that occurs. Then there are people all around me saying that it’s a passing phase and better things are to come, so you face the troubles. Well I have been waiting for these good set of events to happen to me since time immemorial and I only wait and wait, but alas! All in vain!!!!

It’s a Chinese proverb that if a person says it does not matter to him, then it, in reality does not matter to him. I am definitely of this very kind. For in my opinion nobody should brood and be morose all day long and wait for the good times to happen to them. Good time can happen at all times. It’s all in our thinking and the way we conceive the world.

I know saying all this is way too easy for me, but trust me I have lived it too!
There are always the good and the bad times in our lives. The most sensible of us will leave the past behind and move on. But few of us hold on tight, don’t budge and are gloomy for the rest of our life. Weep all day long and curse a million people. Give a zillion reasons to make us feel better, both in our and our friend’s eyes. But the truth within still survives and keeps haunting us till we scream and shout and bang our heads right and left.

“Spare me the pain!!!” is what I have to say to the irritant approaching me. Though it’s not always easy to avoid and dodge these annoyances. I simply keep my eyes as well as my ears wide shut!!!! Thereafter my consciousness naturally resists anything unconscious and unknown.

My endeavour now is not to be everything to everybody but to be something to somebody. “To be or not to be” was never that troubled scholars across the world. It was always the curiosity with which his mind worked that they were interested in gauging. What went inside of Shakespeare’s head that made him write these beautiful lines that I have always been in love with?

It’s always easy to be an optimist while you give away those heavily loaded advises to your friends and mates but perpetually the most difficult job when it comes to your own self.

Perhaps I have learnt the harder way and I believe that’s the way of the universe.