Movies That Mend A Broken Heart

However, as wounds are theoretically able to close up by themselves, and as the platelets are bound to crowd skin openings, then so does a broken heart heal over time, and it’s great to have help while waiting for that time to arrive.

Lots of people claim that chocolate has a chemical substance that raises the level of happiness in a person. Some even volunteer the name of the substance. Whatever. As long as it’s chocolate, it’s good for your emotional health. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the variety of chocolate matches the transition of a healing heart: darkness, bitterness, peace – that corresponds to white chocolate, if you must know. In the darkness of your room with only the glare of the TV screen to guide you, any color of chocolate will taste just fine.

Be sure to get enough blankets and to dress in your rattiest pajamas. Never mind the Kleenex: with clothes as ratty as yours, facial tissue will look too divine to blow on. Besides, with a nose as runny as yours, nothing but 100% cotton will do.

When you’ve got junk food and your DVD player all set, you’re ready to watch:

Bridget Jones’s Diary. This is the ultimate breakup movie. Chubby girl, as chubby as most of us feel after being dumped, suffers through major fuckups she has brought upon herself. She says and does the wrong things and manages to hook up with her playboy boss. The dialogues in the movie are so honest and hilarious you can almost always point at a specific moment in your life when, you swear, the same thing happened to you. The opening number by a tear-stricken, drunk-as-hell Bridget singing “All by Myself” is particularly interesting and familiar. You’ll see Bridget stumble and pick up herself all over the place.

The best thing about this flick is its honesty. You can never ever say, even if she does fish out two gorgeous men in the entertainment business, that it only happens in the movies. Bridget is such the average type of girl that everybody can relate to. And with a Mark Darcy waiting for you somewhere out there, who wants your ex-boyfriend?

True to its chic-flick promise, Bridget Jones’s Diary leaves you with a feeling that despite everything, somebody can and will still love you, ratty pajamas and all.

Mean Girls. It’s always fun to be a girl again, and what better way to look back at girlhood than to revisit high school? Mean Girls is the good old teenybopper take on the life of angst-ridden, depressive young adults who only care about clothes, boys, and boys. This film is a good way to spend time looking down on their shallowness even when, deep inside, you know you were one of them.

Mean Girls is about the new girl Cady, who tries to fit in high school – the first time she ever attends an actual school as she has been home schooled her whole life. The most elite group of girls take her in, but the problem is she likes the ex-boyfriend of the “Queen Bee”, and coming on to him would apparently defy the rules of feminism – big time.

She gets rejected anyway. And she tries all sorts of pranks and plans to inflict some sort of pain upon Regina (the Queen Bee) while keeping her “cool” status. This she does to the point of losing her real friends.

Mean Girls is a critical peek into high school. It is fun, entertaining, and peppered with handsome football jocks. Everything turns out right in the end, of course, a must for every movie you watch after a breakup. It says that you should be accepted for what you are and not for the people you hang out with or the length of your skirt. But aside from that, the flick’s got a good and well-written story, courtesy of Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live.

50 First Dates. Now once you’ve accepted that what has happened to you happens to practically everyone, and once you’re sure that you won’t be throwing stones at the TV anymore upon seeing couples make out in movies, 50 First Dates is the movie of choice to, yes, reminisce the good times. Cry all you want as playboy Henry falls in love with Lucy, who has memory that lasts only a day long.

Henry decides to make Lucy fall in love with him everyday. The idea alone makes your heart melt, and at some point you might go back to this article and throw stones at it instead for making you miss your ex more. Cry this movie may make you, but crying is good for the health too. It doesn’t end a fairy tale romance, but it does in a more plausible manner that can possibly be more romantic. And it leaves you with a positive attitude towards love so that you won’t have to drown in your bitterness for the rest of your life.

Wallowing in blankets, chocolates, and ice cream in front of the TV is not cliche. It’s just a girl’s way of recovering and recharging in order to get back into action after some time. These movies will help you cry, laugh, get mad, and finally get over the past – that, along with a good set of friends and junk food always by your side. After all three you might want to see The 40-year-old Virgin, if only just to laugh and to be thankful that you’re not this poor, poor guy.