My Dad Is An Electronics Enthusiast

As Father’s Day comes nearer we all start wondering what is the best gift to give to my dad.  Like several other men, my Dad is also a total electronics lover and he is what the company’s term as “early adopter” or a person who just does not have the patience to buy the newest electronic devices. He wants a faster computer, the bigger HDTV, and any other new electronic gadget that comes into your mind. It is true that there are some advantages to his obsession. Me and my regularly enter his “electronics graveyard” and are sure to find working computers, recorders as well as many other useful electronics accessories.

On the other hand, his passion for buying the latest electronics brings about a bigger problem as to what we can gift him for all important occasions such as birthday, father’s day and Christmas. Now I and my sister have thought about buying new digital camera for gifting our Dad on Father’s Day. We are planning on a 7.0 megapixel camera with an optical zoom, and a setting feature which can click pictures for eBay pictures. Dad is a very enthusiastic eBay seller and if he gets the right pictures, it will make the difference of selling them at a fair cent price or at an excellent price. This model of digital camera comes with a special eBay setting feature which would match his passions, eBay and electronics.

A GPS receiver is another latest thing which I have developed an interest in, and I feel this is something which my Dad will also enjoy. In fact Geocaching as a hobby is very similar to the game of treasure hunt. People from around the world conceal small holders with logbooks and trinkets, establish the longitude and latitude coordinates of the place where it is hidden and then post it on the net. It is possible for you to go online and get the coordinates of items close to the place you live in or are traveling to and enter the details in your GPS receiver. You have to ultimately try and locate the cache. It may sound quite easy but believe me it is not that simple. It may be tough but surely plenty of excitement and fun. When you find this cache, you have the option of picking up the trinket and leaving one in the container. You can exit after signing the logbook. Dad has also shown interest in Geocaching, and as he travels around a lot for work, we believe that a GPS receiver with a guide on Geocaching may turn out to be an ideal gift for Father’s Day.