My Experience of Ghosts


I mean the supernatural kind. Spirits, the deceased. I believe they exist.

Ok, let me explain. My dad is dead. Very dead. He died in 1995, so he’s been gone a fair while now. I’m certain he haunts our house though! It’s when I’m alone, in the house.

My brother is at work, my mum is in town or away on holiday. I’m in my room, upstairs. And I hear the cupboard being opened in the kitchen, so I go downstairs expecting to have to kill a burglar (I’m not keen on them).  Now I haven’t been in kitchen for 4 hours and I know when I left everything was shut, securely. The cupboard door is open. Very weird. So I close it and go back upstairs.

That door is seriously shut, It’s gonna take a very strong army to open the damn thing. All the other doors are shut. I sit back down at the PC and the kitchen door opens. “Dad, if that’s you can you stop it please?” I go back down and shut it. “I’m aware of you doing this, stop it please – your freaking me out”.

Back up stairs, and I shut my door. I hear someone come up the stairs, walk on the landing, a door opens – silence. Now I’m scared and I’m annoyed. I open my door, the toilet door is open. So I shut it and go downstairs and dive on my bike and go out for 40 mins until my brother comes home. I wasn’t staying there alone any longer. Spooky or what?

The house we used to live in before we lived here was definately haunted! We lived there from a few years before my birth until I was 6.  Almost all of us (10 kids and both parents lived in the house lived there so there’s a lot of energy being generated by us kids. We had 2 distinct ghosts.

Ghost 1, he was a nasty git. Certainly male but I never really saw him clearly. He was a dark shadowy presence, he didn’t like any of us kids and loved turning the upstairs lights off to scare us. He was very keen on opening and slamming doors especially any of the upstairs rooms where any of us kids were, particularly if we were alone – again to scare us. He also pushed me down the stairs the nasty bastard!

Ghost 2, the white lady. Very friendly, NOT, I repeat NOT a bad ghost. This lady used to stand by our doorway to stop the bad dark ghost coming into the room (He shook my bed once!), she used to sit on my bed and smile at me. I always felt safe if I saw her there (kind of a fuzzy shape but not fully solid) and she generally protected me from the bad ghost. You could not possibly be frightened by her, the vibes she gave off were just so caring you knew she only wanted to keep you safe.

More ghosts in my life!

When I was in the RAF serving at High Wycombe, we had a very active but nice non-hostile ghost. Under Strike Command are a bunch of concrete tunnels which were put there when the camp was built a long time ago. (I am unaware of the exact date of the building of HQSTC).

In one of the tunnels that branches off a building called B Block there are filing cabinets belonging to the Air Staff Registry (I used to work there in my real job). The only people who can draw keys to go into that tunnel are people who work in Air Staff & the RAF Police. There are 2 lots of keys, one kept in B Block reception, the other lot kept in the RAF Police HQ on the unit.

Normally you don’t find out about the ghost until someone has sent you down to the tunnels to get old files and then come back about 20 minutes later (They are very long tunnels and the filing cabinets line 1 entire wall from door at 1 end to door at the other end in a different building). First time I went down my mate jokingly mentioned “There’s a ghost down there, but he’s cool.”

So off I went, drew the keys, unlocked the door, turned on the light and closed and locked the main door behind me (something we were required to do due to the nature of the files stored there) and merrily wandered my way down the tunnel looking for the 15 cabinets I needed files from.

I was humming to myself and it took me several minutes to find the first and nearest cabinet. I unlocked it, got my file and put it back on top of the cab, and left it unlocked but shut firmly. I’d had to pull very hard to open the drawers so I knew how difficult it was.

Looking at the file list I realised it would be easier to get the files from the bottom of the list next as they were the furthest distance from the main door. Off I headed and it took me about another few minutes to make it to the final cab on the list. While I was looking for the key to unlock it (I had over 200) I heard the sound of a filing cabinet being pulled open.

So I called out (not expecting any response mind you) “Is that the ghost? It’s ok if it is, I’m on my own and I’m friendly!” Big cabinet rattling noise. So I decide I’m going to just talk to whatever is there as I’m working. I get my next set of files from the cab and lock it right away and move to the next cab nearest the door, another 2 minute walk. I get all my other files (A total of 30 but they were all dead thin) and made my way back to that 1st cabinet.

And it was open. A totally different drawer from the one I’d opened. So I closed and locked it, grabbed my other file and called out “Thanks for helping me, I’m going now. I’m leaving you in peace” and walked rather briskly to the main door, let myself out and locked it behind me.

When signing the keys back in the Policeman taking it back said “You were with the ghost then?” and I just said “Yeah, can you tell?” and he said “We can always tell” and smiled.

When I went back upstairs my mate told me what the ghost normally does and it was pretty close to what had happened to me. In the remaining time I went down the tunnels 12 times and had 3 further experiences with the ghost. 1 Alone and 2 with 1 other person there.

1 with the same friend who’d told me about what the ghost did normally after that 1st time (the ghost rattled 3 cabs and opened 2 drawers, The drawers and the cabs that ghost opens ALWAYS contain information about flight safety that pertain to plane crash investigations so we think he must have been someone who crashed).

The 2nd experience was with a female staff member who screamed the place down when the ghost decided to turn off the lights in the tunnel. Fortunately I’d been told on a different occasion that the ghost did this very rarely but normally when females were down there and was carrying a torch). The ghost also rattled several cabs and opened a drawer.

We were both clinging to the opposite wall and she was practically breaking my hand she was holding on so tight. I took her to the other light switch which was by the opposite end of the tunnel, 12 mins walk by torch light, us 2 calling out to the ghost “Just be cool, we’re going to go as soon as we’re finished”

That was the most scary occasion with the Strike Command Ghost.

(please note some of this review has also used by me in an article on dooyoo for a different subject, I am the original author from H2G2)