My Last Half Year of Experiences: Part 2 of 2

About myself, I repeated, until my final three weeks, that I was not mentally ill, and that I was not sick, and did not need any medication. The hospital at NOPH responded the same way as BVH: They injected me with medications at least twice a day, to try to force me into compliance. For some eight weeks at NOPH, I refused injections.

One such refusal, Maggie the nurse came in while I was resting, and stabbed me in the knee with a needle to administer my medication. I noted around that week that she talked about “some doctors say washing your hands often is bad thing, because if you are continually exposed to germs, your body builds up your immune system. In this way, going to a Cedar Point bathroom, you may get sick if you always have a habit of washing your hands, while those that don’t wash much may be fine using a germy restroom.”

My interpretation of nurse Maggie, was that I was being taught with behavior modification, association method of the staff trying to confuse in my mind not washing my hands with a cruel nurse injecting me while I rest in bed. Because I immediately made this connection, no such association against germs was made, and instead I forgave nurse Maggie later that week, and I decided with more passion that medical care was not something I wanted to receive or be a part of.

Another nurse, a man who later apologized to me at my discharge from NOPH, did a different violation against my body. He one day came in to inject me with medications, and I he either pretended to do or actually did, drop my injection syringe with the cap off and then inject me with it. He said, during the moment of the forced injection, “I really should not use this, but I am going to go ahead and use it anyway.”

One day, an unspecified nurse came in to give me my injected forced medicine early. Then, that evening, while I was resting, nearly asleep, another unspecified nurse came in and injected me again with medicine. I was worried after the injection of an overdose, but if I complained, I may only get another injection of something, so I wanted to go back to sleep or near sleep.

On my first week at NOPH, I wanted to sign a release of information. So I requested a form, filled it out, naming Barack Obama as the person being granted access to all medical records, and signed it, then submitted it. I was then told to follow a staff into the seclusion room. There, I was injected with medicine, but I did not resist. I figured this was my punishment for releasing my medical records to Barack Obama. I remember the nurse complain to a colleague, “he used permanent ink” as my pen.

I heard the words, then, “document separation to commence in five minutes” or some number like “five” on the Public Access System. I then was alone, fading from the injections, when doctor Bellian walked in the room, alone with me, as he was putting on exam gloves. He asked me a disturbing question: “Have you been tested for hepatitis C recently?”

I answered “Yes, about 3 or 4 months ago.” Was not sure of the exact date, it was a partial lie, because I think it was like a year and a half ago since being tested, but I have had only been with Melanie, my wife. I do not use illegal drugs or needles. I thought the doctor wanted to rape me, so I said 3 or 4 months instead of 18 months ago, to reduce the chances of him raping me. I figured he was hepatitis positive, and if I was hepatitis negative, either he would use a condom on me or he would use a knife to cut my anus to simulate a rape, but nonetheless cause me injury and pain. Bible Code said “Blade.”

I reported the suspected rape to my wife and mother, who could do nothing. The hospital choose to collect only my underwear and ask a few questions, but only after several day had passed. Since I was drugged while I was either rapped with a penis or knife, I could not definitively name my attacker, although being alone in the room with doctor Bellian made him a main suspect. I still think he did it.

I did request the video tapes of the seclusion room be pulled and used in my trial. The hospital claimed that such tapes did not exist, and therefore there was, after the lab tests, no proof, they said.

I did not want to save my bloody underwear because I felt my life was in danger. If I continued to prosecute doctor Bellian while a patient of his, I thought he would simply discredit me and use my testimony as justification to order electroshock therapy for my “own best interest.” I did not want electroshock therapy, as I view it as a death sentence and supreme violation against my person worse than violent rape or violent assault. ECT is purely unacceptable to an intellectual bookworm like myself.

September 1, is when I started my fasting, to protest the believed jailing of Melanie and Echo.

On September 6, I got some food to eat, as I was hungry and the NOPH was barely giving me any attention. I was afraid I would die there unnoticed. I had my near death incident on the day I thought was the night of September 5, 2010.

During my near death experience, I was getting purple stops on my body and thought it to be related to having fasted for about six days. I was weak and tired, plus ignored for the most part by the hospital. The hospital had some loud sounds near my door to try to frighten me, but I barely moved, as I was too tired and upset with being forced into this horrible facility.

As a result of being ignored, as determined by an absence of nurses being noticed by me to check on me, I felt I was left here to die. Plus, I had requested a soft foam or plastic ruler, but was given a foot long wood ruler suitable for one to commit suicide. I was not suicidal at this or any other time at NOPH; I just wanted to go to trial to answer to charges against me by Barack Obama and his team.

So, on the night of my near death experience, I got to talk with God, who I know as Jesus Christ. During the dialog, I got to ask some questions, and was told electroshock was wanted by the hospital staff but that it would not happen. “Is this all ok with you?” I felt Jesus Christ was asking me. I said yes, I agreed to continue my fasting and pain associated, but please protect me from the electroshock therapy, or electro convulsive therapy as it is often called.

Got walked me through causing a diabetic coma to try to free me, as I feared there was no other way to escape from NOPH. So, I rolled and turned with seconds timed as I thought Jesus was suggesting. Several hours earlier, I felt pain and bee stringing sensations, such as from diabetic insulin problems.

I went to get one big breakfast on September 6 or so, to get my strength up. I then talked with Melanie on the phone, she gave me a lot of numbers, like times of day and other numbers, which were meaningless to me, except I thought she was being setup by one agency to appear to be helping me somehow. I was worried for her.

I later remembered the talk of Margaret regarding the story of “the lady who was hit with her cane by grandma at Denny’s party, because she was annoying and drunk, to get her away from grandma” and I decided, with my confusion, to try to annoy the staff and do a little damage to property to get myself to trial. I thought Melanie needed me to rescue her, and that my mother was in a bad situation due to the legal process of my case.

So, I asked God, if I should take action by breaking some property to get to trial. I figured I would have to pay for my damages, but thought my damages would be deducted from my winnings of the settlement from Barack Obama injuring me. God gave me an answer.

God said, “do that if you want. You don’t have to, but it is all ok, and you will be forgiven.”

So, I attempted to take a nurses name tag badge, but he refused to let me have it. So, he called in other nurses to subdue me. I continued to be assertive and mildly aggressive. I was then in range of the the security guards radio, so I tried to kick it with only socks on my foot, and after several tries, I succeeded. I knocked it down on the ground, and he seemed quite aggravated with my actions. I was placed in a seclusion room. I then jumped up and removed the ceiling vent from the ceiling, by jumping up and gripping it firmly and forcing it off the building. I succeeded. I then took the mattress and used it to ram the lexan windows in the room and adjoin with the nurses station, to make sound.

By this point, the staff came in with needles to subdue me. I accidentally injured the same male nurse mentioned that apologized to me just at point of discharge from NOPH. I told him I was sorry to injure him, that it was an accident, and that my employer does not allow me to injure people, only property. I was referring to Jesus Christ as my employer. Property I damage is my financial responsibility to repair or replace. I believed then, as I do now, and will continue to believe, that every person on this earth always needs to do the right thing by taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

I was moved to the A-100 Block at NOPH by dragging me by my hands and feet. My knee was damaged from this dragging. When I got to the A-100 Block, I was around patients who appeared to be real, not actors and actresses on a stage, like the A-400 Block seemed.

I continued my fasting, and talked about my wife Melanie and how much I missed her.

I asked to make a phone call to an attorney. I was given a phone book. I gave the staff the number, and while on the phone, the hospital staff changed the address and phone number of where I was at, so I believe I gave the pro bono attorney’s a bogus address and phone number.

I was assigned a person to watch over me while I fasted. She appeared to be about my age. She wanted to talk, I thought at first she was a nurse. When she took my pulse, she did not count properly, so I was suspicious of her being a real nurse. Later, when she was talked with relation to her bedtime on the unit by a nurse, I realized she was not a nurse. I let her check my handkerchief for skin irritation because I figured it would be held against me if my handkerchief was not checked for scratchiness.

When I met with the different doctor, the one for A-100, he wanted to move me over to A-400 promptly. I told him I would plan to destroy property but not injure any people, if moved. So I stayed one night.

The next day, I met with the same A-100 doctor. He asked me if I was still wanting to destroy property, I answered, “not at all.” I was moved, perhaps that same hour, to A-400 unit again.

When I returned to A-400 unit, they had more patients, or at least people pretending to be patients. By pretending, one female patient, or person pretending to be a patient, said she would not get to go home until I said I wanted “to sue the president” so I wrote a letter saying I would sue him. I signed it and dated it. She was then allowed to go home, and I later destroyed that paper. This incident happened in mid July, and I was feeling at that time interested in working with the president more so than suing him.

I was given a fake deprogramming Bible. I complained, and Melanie brought me a second Bible. It was also a fake deprogramming Bible. So I placed the fake bibles in my shoes drawer, along with a book about the importance of church, given to me by the request of doctor Bellian by his helper, a fellow patient.

A fellow patient, female, older lady, told me to study Psalms, one for each day of the hospitalization, and to follow along. I read a small amount and discovered the two bibles given to me were corrupted and false, and talked about God giving someone a promise of pleasure.

God gives opportunity for growth and pursuit of needs fulfillment, God does not promise any person the perception of attaining someone meaningful. God helps one do meaningful things, not view the world in a way to think the world has meaningful activities that bestow pleasure.

I also told patients to stop taking their medications early into my stay at the hospital, perhaps in my first and second weeks there. The staff very much disliked that behavior.

Due to the meeting with Margaret Meyer and “Melanie” on August 31, 2010 or so, I decided I needed to start naming my purpose for the action, so I explained that I was on a hunger fast for the freedoms of Melanie, Margaret, Echo Shiftly, Jon and Sally Sommer and myself. Monday, or the day told to me was Monday, I started fasting for Melanie because of letter “M”. Tuesday, was the 8th day of September I was told, and I thought Echo was born in August or the 8th month. Wednesday, was the 9th day, like “9” in phone number 419-422-9556, plus my mom made up a silly story in my youth about Wednesday being a day I was especially nice to her. Thursday was a day to reflect on “covenants” or, more precisely, to allow attorneys to do their work and actions. Friday or Saturday may have been a day for Jon and Salley Sommer, of 118 S. Spring, Bluffton. I don’t remember the exact day for them, because they did not appear to be in much trouble as Melanie, Echo or Margaret did at the time, from my perspective held on the day I was told was September 7.

I did a hunger fast until my father, James Meyer, visited me and offered to help me. I have been cooperating with my dad ever since, by taking medications and seeing the doctor assigned to me. I was discharged around October 1, 2010 from NOPH to Brookside group home in Findlay, Ohio.

While at brookside, I was generally displeased, but decided, when my computers and web server were taken from me, to respond by breaking the silence and speaking up with others about Margaret Meyer signing a “concordat” and other statements that would appear to suggest either I have a good memory of Bible Code prophecy of Leviticus with unlock code “14” or that I am mentally ill and dreamed all this up.

In any case, I request to be judged, by you Honorable Allen Davis. Please judge me and let me know if you think I am competent enough to go to trial for the accusations Barack Obama wishes to put forth against me. It may be argued by Century Health that I am mentally ill and incompetent and unable to understand reality. I beg to differ on such evaluations; I feel competent to be held accountable for all my actions, and to speak from my point of view of the ordeal I endured at BVH for a week, then NOPH for eleven weeks, then Brookside for a couple of weeks, then the virtual hell I am suffering in now, having been striped of my decision making power and being unable to legally buy, sell real estate, own various expensive things, or make many decisions for myself.

You honor, I beg you to reject Century Health’s pleas for me to be considered mentally ill. I rather go to trial and risk prison as wrongful imprisonment than live as I live today under a guardianship with any person or corporation. I essentially request my full freedom. If I cannot afford an attorney, let me find one. I can cheerfully look online or have my father James Meyer look for me. In any case, my situation with guardianship is beyond unbearable misery for me, please do not worry about any hardship to occur to me as a result of you lifting the guardianship on me, for I know I have done no crime and accept an error on a jury as a reasonable and understandable risk in the pursuit of freedom.

“Give me liberty or give me death” is a famous saying I now understand. Please help me by giving me freedom from guardianship, and let risk trial and punishment, as the guardianship itself is an intense and increasingly unbearable punishment in and of itself.

What I want to do with my life is to work for the president, whoever that may be, by way of doing peace work. I want to restructure welfare programs to be more humanistic and responsive to needs of people. I want to engineer Sonic Eye, ideally with some help, and to be appointed to the United States Department of Peace, which I hope will be established immediately. I want to help our nation enjoy an economic Golden Age of peace and prosperity, and I want to do all this by my Sonic Eye and reforms.