my lifestream


where do I not have an account?

I would say I’ld pay a dollar for any site you can come up with…

on the other hand; that would cost me, no doubt 😉

but check pixites on the net and for sure you’ll find me!

(trying to publish on this platform by the way is not very easy! Have to elaborate until at least 250 words

well, let’s get on with it, I am Pixites; from The Netherlands and owner of , a site originally intended to get some money for the search to end cancer.

I had this charming little fellow as a nephew by the name of Aron who was nothing more or less than one of the most gentle people I’ve ever met.

A gentle giant, so to speak.

He only reached 7 years of age, but those years were just magnificent!

Cancer made his life a wreck, ultimately causing him death way too early.

Sad but true story.

So that brought the idea to mind that I would collect charity money in order to get people with the right education to abandon this horrid disease out of this world.

Think I didn’t succeed in this mission, cause the framework wasn’t right.

I copied a site that was very successfull those days called ‘theonemilliondollarpage’ or the likes.

Thing is it got me into the interwebs and until this very day I have had no regrets about that fact.

So, here’s my two cents, hope you are not too disappointed reading it;)